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Our People

We are 1,000 engineers, geologists, scientists, and other technical specialists committed to the idea that technical leadership and client service are the foundations for producing solutions for our clients that are practical, efficient, and sustainable. Learn more »

Our Practices

We develop and refine our core practices in areas where innovation can deliver practical solutions with substantially improved benefits to our clients when compared to traditional approaches. We focus on service offerings where we can create exceptional value for our clients. Learn more »

Our Experience

Since our founding in 1983, Geosyntec has completed nearly 10,000 projects worldwide with an outstanding safety record. Our experience delivers on the potential of innovative applications of proven and emerging scientific and engineering technologies. Learn more »

Practitioner Spotlight

Mary deFlaun, Ph.D., BCES

Mary deFlaun, Ph.D., BCES, a principal environmental scientist based in New Jersey, is highly experienced in the development and implementation of in situ remediation technologies.   Learn more...

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Geosyntec is the home for innovation and entrepreneurship for a reason — the people who choose Geosyntec as their professional home. We are the right career choice for individuals who are passionate about their chosen profession, engaged with their clients and colleagues, and are confidently building a rewarding future.

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