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Geosyntec News

Geosyntec is home to projects that have been honored by our clients and professional organizations, personnel recognized for their contributions to their profession and community-based activities, and corporate initiatives designed to enhance our technical and client service capabilities. Throughout our corporate news section, you will find features on new technologies and service offerings, recognitions of our staff for contributions to their professions and communities, new office openings, and corporate honors.

News Articles
11/20/15 Garry Smith Presents in Australia at the 12th International Meeting of the International Committee on Contaminated Land
11/05/15 Philip Reidy Presents at Malaysia Industrial Waste Management Conference on Business Response to Evolving Environmental Regulations
11/03/15 Derek Tomlinson Co-Instructing Course for ITRC on LNAPL Science, Management and Technology in November
10/30/15 November Conference & Event Roundup
10/29/15 MMI Engineering Acknowledged for Contribution to IChemE Safety Centre Projects
10/29/15 Geosyntec Celebrates Completion of a New Stormwater Management System for Maryland Elementary School
10/26/15 Helen Dawson Quoted in Bloomberg BNA Blog Post on Vapor Intrusion
10/23/15 Mark Hanna and Ken Susilo Speaking at the Southern California Water Dialogue Wednesday, October 28
10/21/15 Susan Welt and Chuck Raymond Article on Aerated Floors Featured in High Profile Monthly
10/07/15 Robert Bruce Delivers Keynote at the 22nd Regional Chemical Engineering Symposium
10/06/15 MMI Invited to be Discussion Leader at SPE “Process Safety & Integrity” Workshop
09/29/15 October Conference & Event Roundup
09/23/15 Paper by Ed Jones Receives an EPA STAA Honorable Mention
09/23/15 Geosyntec professionals Helen Dawson, Hester Groenevelt, and Todd McAlary co-authored a key Technical Memo issued recently by the Navy about the use of passive samplers for vapor intrusion investigations.
09/14/15 Geosyntec Opens New Office, Expands Services in Alaska
09/14/15 Mike Hardin to Discuss How Engineering Natural Systems into Low-Impact Design Is Changing the Game for Stormwater Management
09/08/15 Terence Holman Speaking at DFI/ADSC Micropile and Anchored Earth Retention Design and Construction Seminar September 15
08/31/15 September 2015 Event Roundup
08/26/15 Geosyntec Practitioners Demonstrating International Leadership at CleanUp 2015 Conference in Melbourne, Australia
08/25/15 Judd Goodman to present a Hydromodification 101 Webinar “Predicting and Mitigating Stormwater Impacts to Stream Stability.”
08/24/15 Todd Creamer and Eric Lovenduski to Present on Vapor Intrusion in Massachusetts
08/19/15 3 Articles Co-authored by Geosyntec Practitioners Featured in the ABA’s Waste and Resource Recovery Committee Newsletter
08/19/15 Jamey Rosen to Present at SAME's Joint Engineer Training Symposium on Geosyntec's Data Management Tools
08/10/15 Mark Hanna Speaking at SAME’s Regional Resilience Workshop on August 11
08/07/15 Geosyntec Practitioners Contribute to EPRI’s MGP DNAPL Mobility Work Plan
08/05/15 Tasha Kamegai-Karadi elected President of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Orange County Section
08/05/15 Geosyntec Announces the Appointment of 12 New Principals
08/03/15 Derek Tomlinson Instructing Course on LNAPL Science, Management and Technology in September and Novemeber
07/30/15 August 2015 Event Roundup
07/15/15 Article Co-Authored by Duane Graves Published in Biodegradation
07/14/15 Geosyntec Issues Summary of New 2015 EPA Vapor Intrusion Guidance
07/07/15 Geosyntec Announces the Appointment of 18 New Associates
07/01/15 July 2015 Event Roundup
06/30/15 Kwasi Badu-Tweneboah Elected an ASCE Fellow
06/25/15 Geosyntec Completes Los Angeles’ Stormwater Capture Master Plan Project
06/16/15 Geosyntec Project Wins a 2014 Texas Rain Catcher Award
05/26/15 June 2015 Event Roundup
05/21/15 Mike Kavanaugh to deliver the Perry McCarty Distinguished Lecture for 2015: Reflections on Sustainable Futures: The Trade-Off Challenge
05/19/15 Brandon Steets to Present a Series of Webinars on Pathogens in Urban Stormwater Systems
05/18/15 Geosyntec Professionals Contribute to New ITRC Guidance on Integrated DNAPL Site Characterization and Tools Selection
05/13/15 David Krause Co-Edits New Guidance on Legionella in Building Water Systems
05/12/15 Glenn Rix Appointed to Committee on Geological and Geotechnical Engineering
05/04/15 May 2015 Event Roundup
05/01/15 Geosyntec Consultants and Opti to Help New York City Businesses Resist Floods
04/30/15 Geosyntec Project Wins Two Awards
04/23/15 Mike Hardin Instructor for the BMPTRAINS Model Training Workshop at UCF’s Stormwater Management Academy
04/21/15 Dan Elliott Co-Authors Article on the Use of Nanoremediation in International Markets
04/20/15 Article Published by Ravi Arulanantham and Deepa Gandhi in the Remediation Journal
04/14/15 Geosyntec Selected for Assessment of Massachusetts Tide Gates
04/06/15 Event Roundup: April 2015
03/30/15 Two Articles by Geosyntec Practitioners Featured in Geostrata Magazine
03/23/15 Event Roundup: March 2015
03/18/15 Graham Webb Joins Other Brownfield Experts to Discuss Reforms to Northern Ireland’s Planning System
03/10/15 Geosyntec Practitioners Co-Author Journal Article on the Feasibility of Adding Iodine to Drinking Water to Offset the Potential Health Impacts of Exposure to Low Levels of Perchlorate
03/02/15 Geosyntec's Todd Creamer and Eric Lovenduski to Present on Vapor Intrusion in Massachusetts
02/24/15 Event Roundup: 2015 RemTEC Summit
02/09/15 Rula Deeb Co-Chaired the NAS 2nd Annual Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Symposium
02/04/15 Geosyntec Recognized by Danish EPA for Innovation in Environmental Remediation Technologies
01/26/15 Austin's Zahirul Islam Co-Authors Two Journal Articles on HDPE Geomembrane Durability
01/11/15 Event Roundup: 8th Annual International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments
12/19/14 Geosyntec Practitioners Contribute to LNAPL Illustrated Handbook released by CL:AIRE
12/18/14 Gary Wealthall Presented at IAEA Workshop on Groundwater Pollution, Hydrology and Remediation
12/12/14 OptiRTC, Inc. Formed to Scale Intelligent Water Infrastructure
12/03/14 New Remediation Technology Developed by USGS and Geosyntec Featured in EPA’s Technology News & Trends
12/01/14 Geosyntec Engineers Contribute to ITRC Guidance on Petroleum Vapor Intrusion
11/07/14 Ed Fahnline and Lee Kim Yik Present on the Investigation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
11/04/14 Philip Reidy to Present at iChemE Malaysia 2nd Regional Sustainability Seminar
11/03/14 Scott Drew to Co-Present on Vapor Intrusion
10/26/14 Geosyntec Wins Research Grant from the National Institute of Health
10/20/14 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for October 19-25, 2014
10/17/14 Event Roundup: 30th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy
10/15/14 Derek Tomlinson among Instructors for Courses on LNAPL Science, Technology
10/09/14 Geosyntec Selected for Development of Massachusetts Watershed-Based Plans
10/06/14 Event Roundup: ABA 22nd Fall Conference in Miami
10/03/14 Geosyntec Authors Massachusetts Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan
10/03/14 Brandon Steets Co-Edits ASCE Report on Pathogens in Urban Stormwater
10/02/14 Robert Roseen to Present as Part of Climate Change and Floodplain Development Planning Program
10/01/14 Geosyntec Bioremediation Experts Participate in Environmental Business Council of New England Program
09/30/14 Geosyntec Briefs Malaysian Department of Environment on Radioactive Wastes
09/24/14 City of Rochester, New Hampshire Selects Geosyntec Team to Provide Stormwater Engineering Services
09/17/14 Geosyntec Projects Receive California Awards for Innovative Stormwater Management
09/16/14 Kavanaugh-Chaired NRC Committee Evaluates U.S. EPA Tools for Sustainability Assessment and Management
09/16/14 Event RoundUp: CASQA's 10th Annual Conference
09/04/14 Eric Strecker Among Technical Advisers for New Sustainable Landscapes Guidance
08/06/14 Geosyntec Hosts Free Webinar on Vapor Intrusion Mitigation in Australia
08/06/14 Philip Reidy to Present on Distributed Stormwater Control Technologies in Malaysia
07/31/14 Derek Tomlinson Co-Instructor for Upcoming Course on Vapor Intrusion
07/15/14 Geosyntec Part of Winning Team for Chattanooga LID Design Competition
07/14/14 Geosyntec Consultants Expands Environmental Management and Sustainability Services with Green Harbor Energy
07/10/14 Michele Briening Earns Licensed Site Remediation Professional Credential for New Jersey
06/19/14 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for June 22-28, 2014
06/17/14 Beth Gross to Join Board of Governors for ASCE Geo-Institute
06/12/14 Mark Hanna to Join Panel Discussing California Drought, Stormwater Capture
06/11/14 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for June 8-21, 2014
06/11/14 Senior Practitioners Promoted to Associate at Geosyntec, MMI Engineering
06/11/14 Terry Holman Presents Invited Lecture on Micropiles in Poland
06/10/14 Geosyntec Earns National Engineering Excellence Award for TVA Kingston Project
06/05/14 Geosyntec Earns ASCE Award for Brawley Solid Waste Site and River Stabilization
05/30/14 Neal Durant Authors Journal Article on Use of Bioaugmentation in Denmark
05/09/14 Geosyntec Participates in 4th Asian and Oceanic Congress on Radiation Protection
05/06/14 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present at Battelle Remediation Conference in Monterey
05/06/14 Geosyntec Launches Savron as the New Home of STAR and STARx for Contaminated Soil and Liquid Organic Waste Treatment
05/02/14 MMI Engineering to Demonstrate 3D Hazard Simulator Using Oculus Rift
05/01/14 INW and Geosyntec Announce New Strategic Partnership for OptiRTC
05/01/14 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for May 4-10, 2014
04/24/14 Chelsea Drenick to Present on Wind Farm Site Selection at Offshore Technology Conference
04/23/14 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for April 23 - May 3, 2014
04/10/14 Geosyntec Sponsors Mine Closure Solutions Conference in Brazil
04/09/14 Dan Elliott to Give Invited Presentation on Nanoremediation in Austria
04/03/14 Darrell Nicholas Joins Geosyntec in Tennessee
04/03/14 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for April 6-12, 2014
04/01/14 Derek Tomlinson Among Instructors for Courses on LNAPL Science, Technology
03/31/14 Rula Deeb to Present Key Findings on Contaminants of Emerging Concern and Public Health During Webinar on April 1
03/18/14 Morgan Reed to Present at Global Congress on Process Safety in New Orleans
03/13/14 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for March 16-22, 2014
03/11/14 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present Lectures at Penn State
03/06/14 CSX Transportation Taps Geosyntec Team for Distinguished Service Awards
03/05/14 David Weimer Joins MMI Engineering in Texas
03/04/14 Second Patent Granted for SIREM Test to Monitor Chlorinated Solvent Bioremediation
02/26/14 Philip Reidy Presents on Rainwater Harvesting at the Institution of Engineers Malaysia
02/25/14 Scott Struck Appointed to Governing Board for Environmental and Water Resources Institute
02/18/14 Geosyntec Team Set to Present at ASCE’s Geo-Congress 2014
02/13/14 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for February 16-22, 2014
02/06/14 Dan Dolan Presents to IChemE-Malaysia on Older Offshore Platforms
02/04/14 Christopher Saranko Joins Geosyntec in Georgia
02/03/14 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for February 2-8, 2014
01/30/14 Practitioners Promoted to Senior Roles at Geosyntec
01/29/14 Simon Rees Joins MMI Engineering in United Kingdom
01/28/14 U.S. EPA Recognizes DeKalb County and Geosyntec for Landfill Gas Energy Achievement
01/23/14 Dave Himmelheber Authors Chapter on Contaminant Biotransformation for SERDP/ESTCP Sediments Monograph
01/22/14 Geosyntec Welcomes New Senior Practitioners to Family of Companies
01/21/14 Rula Deeb, Eric Suchomel to Discuss Emerging Contaminants at California Symposium
01/16/14 Mary deFlaun, Bruce Marvin Contribute to Guidance on Mining Wastewater
01/15/14 Scott Drew Elected to Board for Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association
01/14/14 Michael Kavanaugh, Doug Larson among Instructors for 2014 Princeton Groundwater Courses
01/10/14 Rula Deeb Joins Geosyntec in California
01/09/14 Marcus Quigley Shares Insights on Smart Urban Water Systems at TEDx Event
01/08/14 Richard DeWan Joins Geosyntec in New Jersey
01/07/14 Michael D’Alessandro to Address ACEC Georgia January 8
12/12/13 Mark Hanna Panel to Address Stormwater Capture in United States, Australia
12/04/13 Erik Petrovskis Appointed to National Research Council Sustainability Committee
12/03/13 Geosyntec-Led Initiative Earns Planning Awards for Green Infrastructure Proposals
11/26/13 Adrienne Nemura to Discuss Integrated Planning for Municipal Water Supplies in WEF Webcast
11/21/13 Mark Jordana Joins Geosyntec in Florida
11/19/13 Geosyntec Tapped as Finalist for Engineering Excellence Award at TVA Kingston Fossil Plant
11/15/13 Michael Harding, Daniel Bourdeau Workshops Discuss Erosion, Sediment Controls in New England
11/14/13 Kwasi Badu-Tweneboah to Deliver Keynote Address at GeoAfrica 2013
11/14/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for November 17-30, 2013
11/08/13 Rodolfo Sancio Earns Noted Award for Excellence in Geotechnical Engineering
10/31/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for November 3-9, 2013
10/29/13 Michael D’Alessandro to Lead Geo-Institute Panel Examining Nation’s Aging Infrastructure
10/24/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for October 27-November 2, 2013
10/23/13 Practitioners Promoted to Senior Roles at Geosyntec
10/22/13 Helen Dawson Joins Geosyntec in Virginia
10/16/13 Peter King, Rob Roseen to Participate in New Hampshire Climate Adaptation Panel
10/16/13 Dan Elliott to Give Invited Presentations on Nanoremediation in China
10/14/13 MMI Engineering Supports Installation of Belfast’s Sam Thompson Bridge
10/10/13 Relocation: Geosyntec Announces New St. Louis Office Address
10/10/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for October 13-19, 2013
10/08/13 LA River Restoration Effort Earns Geosyntec Project National Honor
10/03/13 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present at WEFTEC
10/03/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for October 6-12, 2013
09/27/13 Geosyntec Contributes to Ireland’s New Guidance for Contaminated Land Management
09/26/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for September 29 - October 5, 2013
09/24/13 Charlene Harper to Discuss WERF Pilot Projects for High Performance Green Infrastructure
09/20/13 Ed Fahnline to Discuss Risk Management for Oil Storage Terminals in Malaysia
09/19/13 Steve Layman Panel to Address Emerging Water Regulations and Power Sector
09/19/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for September 22-28, 2013
09/18/13 Geosyntec Stormwater BMP Project Earns Industry Award for Excellence
09/17/13 Mike Harding Presents at Mine Reclamation Symposium
09/13/13 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present at Australian Remediation Conference
09/13/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for September 15-21, 2013
09/11/13 Jim Linton, Chad Drummond to Present Innovative Florida Phytoremediation Project
09/11/13 Bence Close to Present on Stormwater Issues Impacting Mining Industry
09/10/13 Lee Mullon Authors Journal Article Discussing Climate Teleconnections
09/06/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for September 8-14, 2013
09/06/13 Derek Tomlinson Among Instructors for Upcoming Course on LNAPL Science, Technology
09/05/13 Mark Ellard to Discuss Low Impact Development at APA-Florida Annual Meeting
09/04/13 Garry Smith Joins Geosyntec in Australia
09/03/13 Eric Strecker to Co-Present Webinar on New Database for Agricultural Conservation Practices
08/29/13 Mike Harding Discusses Post-Fire Assessments, Remediation in Journal Feature
08/27/13 Trevor Alsop, Venkat Gummadi to Present at Floodplain Management Conference in Anaheim
08/22/13 Geosyntec Consultants Becomes Joint Owner of CAT Alliance
08/22/13 Glenn Rix Joins Geosyntec in Georgia
08/22/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for August 25-31, 2013
08/20/13 Geosyntec Stormwater Practitioners Co-Author New Methodology for BMP Placement
08/15/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for August 18-24, 2013
08/13/13 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present at International Low Impact Development Symposium
08/12/13 Geosyntec Sponsors 8th Annual Georgia Environmental Conference
08/09/13 Bruce Sass Organizes Coal Mining Track for International Coal Conference in Beijing
08/09/13 Dan Heidenreich Joins Geosyntec in Colorado
08/08/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for August 11-17, 2013
08/07/13 Mark Hanna, Los Angeles River Water Wheel Featured in LA Times
08/06/13 David Krause Joins Geosyntec Consultants in Florida
08/01/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for August 4-10, 2013
07/29/13 Geosyntec Opens New Office in Columbia, South Carolina
07/25/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for July 28 - August 3, 2013
07/23/13 Geosyntec Welcomes New Senior Practitioners to Family of Companies
07/18/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for July 21-27, 2013
07/17/13 Rodolfo Sancio to Address Seattle Seminar on Marine Foundations for Offshore Wind Technologies
07/12/13 Michael Kavanaugh Selected as WEF Fellow by Water Environment Federation
07/12/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for July 14-20, 2013
07/11/13 Ranjiv Gupta, Jeremy Morris Pen Review of Renewable Energy Technologies for Solid Waste Facilities
07/09/13 Marcus Quigley Technical Session to Address Stormwater Management for Urban Universities
07/02/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for July 7-13, 2013
07/02/13 Michael Giorgione Joins Geosyntec in California
06/27/13 Peter Anderson Joins Geosyntec in Massachusetts
06/14/13 Judd Goodman to Present at California State Water Board’s Hydromodification Workshop
06/13/13 Senior Practitioners Promoted to Associate at Geosyntec, MMI Engineering
06/13/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for June 16-22, 2013
06/11/13 Michael Bloom, Brandon Klenzendorf to Present at EPA Stormwater Quality Conference in New Orleans
06/10/13 Bill Gaffigan Joins Geosyntec Consultants in Maryland
06/07/13 Sharon Wadley, David Adilman Present at Groundwater Modeling Conference
06/06/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for June 9-15, 2013
06/06/13 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present at Battelle Bioremediation Symposium in Jacksonville, Florida
06/05/13 Geosyntec to Demonstrate OptiRTC at Pittsburgh's Wireless Waterways Event
05/30/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for June 2-8, 2013
05/29/13 Lee Mullon to Present on Climate Teleconnections at International Conference in Germany
05/24/13 Dan Elliott Joins Geosyntec Consultants in New Jersey
05/23/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for May 26 - June 1, 2013
05/21/13 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present at Headwaters to Ocean Conference in San Diego
05/16/13 New Report Examines the Potential for Water Quality Trading in Missouri
05/16/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for May 19-25, 2013
05/15/13 Mark Hanna to Address Policy Session at Los Angeles River Symposium
05/08/13 Geosyntec to Develop Stormwater Capture Master Plan for Los Angeles
05/07/13 Rodolfo Sancio to Present at Ice Scour and Arctic Marine Pipeline Workshop on May 21
05/06/13 Practitioners Promoted to Senior Roles at Geosyntec, MMI Engineering
05/02/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for May 5-11, 2013
04/30/13 Geosyntec Announces New Milwaukee Office Address
04/25/13 Geosyntec Welcomes New Senior Practitioners to Family of Companies
04/25/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for April 28 - May 4, 2013
04/22/13 Geosyntec Expands Service Offerings at Technology Evaluation Laboratory in Knoxville
04/18/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for April 21-27, 2013
04/15/13 Updated Release of Structural BMP Prioritization and Analysis Tool (SBPAT v 1.1) Now Available
04/14/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for April 14-20, 2013
04/10/13 Robert Roseen to Chair New Hampshire Panel on Stormwater Management for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems
04/09/13 David Reynolds, James Wang to Present on In Situ Remedial Technologies in New York
04/01/13 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present at Barcelona’s AquaConSoil 2013
03/25/13 Geosyntec Opens New Office in Ontario
03/19/13 Geosyntec to Join Participants at ABA Spring Conference March 21-23
03/19/13 Geosyntec Analysis of LiDAR Data Helps Massachusetts Officials Plan Coastal Wetland Restoration
03/14/13 Diego Cadena Joins Geosyntec Consultants in California
03/14/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for March 17-23, 2013
03/13/13 Derek Tomlinson Among Instructors for Upcoming Courses on LNAPL Science, Technology
03/13/13 Geosyntec Opens New Office in Pittsburgh
03/11/13 Marcus Quigley to Deliver Keynote Address at Chicago Stormwater Management Seminar
03/10/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for March 10-16, 2013
03/06/13 Eric Suchomel to Present March Webinar Series on Emerging Groundwater Contaminant 1,2,3-Trichloropropane
03/05/13 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present at International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air in San Diego
03/04/13 Paul Brookner, Eric Tollefsrud to Present on Groundwater Cleanup to Minneapolis Bar Association
02/28/13 Michael Bloom Earns Envision Sustainability Professional Credential
02/28/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for March 3-9, 2013
02/26/13 Mark Hanna to Present at Los Angeles River Watershed Research Symposium
02/21/13 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present at 2013 RemTEC Environmental Remediation Summit in Denver
02/21/13 Tom Fendley Joins Geosyntec Consultants in Georgia
02/21/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for February 24 - March 2, 2013
02/20/13 Geosyntec Consultants Honored as Employer of the Year in Georgia
02/19/13 Geosyntec Enhances OptiRTC Monitoring, Control Software with Groundswell Visualization Services
02/14/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for February 17-23, 2013
02/14/13 Alex Bond Joins MMI Engineering in United Kingdom
02/13/13 Full-Scale Implementation of EK-Bio Begins with Participation of U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center Environmental Laboratory
02/12/13 Practitioners Promoted to Senior Roles at Geosyntec, SiREM, and MMI Engineering
02/11/13 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present, Lead Workshops at Erosion Control Conference
02/08/13 Geosyntec Announces New Richmond Office Address
02/07/13 David Reynolds Selected for NRC Committee Examining Subsurface Characterization, Modeling, Monitoring, and Remediation of Fractured Rocks
02/07/13 Jeffrey Kurtz to Speak on Latest Vapor Intrusion Pathway Trends
02/07/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for February 10-16, 2013
02/06/13 Njoroge Wainaina Joins Geosyntec Consultants in North Carolina
02/06/13 Mike Berman, Paul Brookner Author Feature on Environmental Liability Valuation for American Bar Association
02/05/13 Geosyntec Welcomes New Senior Practitioners to Family of Companies
02/01/13 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present at Battelle Sediments Conference in Dallas
01/31/13 Terence Holman Appointed Adjunct Faculty for Foundation Engineering at Northwestern University
01/31/13 Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for February 3-9, 2013
01/30/13 Gary Grantham Joins Geosyntec Consultants in United Kingdom
01/29/13 SiREM and In Situ Well Technologies Offer Novel Remediation Testing Technology
01/29/13 Kathleen McGowan to Address LA County Bar on New Stormwater Permit
01/28/13 Kate Graf to Speak on Greenhouse Gas Regulations at Energy, Utility, and Environment Conference
01/24/13 New Release of WEP-View Wind Energy Assessment Software Now Available
01/10/13 AAEES Taps Mary deFlaun for Distinguished Accreditation Committee
12/12/12 UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Inducts Rudy Bonaparte, Michael Kavanaugh into Academy of Distinguished Alumni
12/06/12 Derek Tomlinson Earns ITRC Award for Contributions to DNAPL Site Characterization
12/05/12 Geosyntec Practitioners to Present at Society for Risk Analysis December 9-12
11/29/12 Erik Petrovskis Appointed Adjunct Faculty for Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan
11/27/12 Michael Kavanaugh Chairs Blue Ribbon Committee on Complex Groundwater Remediation
11/15/12 EnviroGroup Practitioners Present at International Petroleum Environmental Conference
11/14/12 Brandon Steets to Discuss Updates to California Stormwater Permitting at Environmental Law Seminar
11/08/12 Look Ahead: Geosyntec Events for November 11-17
11/06/12 Geosyntec Team Designs Software Tool to Aid Selection of Remedies for Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater
11/01/12 Ilisa Tawney to Present at 2012 Sustainable Remediation Conference in Vienna
11/01/12 Look Ahead: Geosyntec Events for November 4-10
10/31/12 Michael Bloom to Present at Clean Waters Initiative Workshop in Houston
10/30/12 Julie Chambon Authors Articles Examining Bioremediation Methods
10/25/12 Geosyntec Consultants Sponsors 2012 California Stormwater Quality Association Conference
10/25/12 Look Ahead: Geosyntec Events for October 28 - November 3
10/24/12 David Latham, Aaron Getchell to Discuss Site Remediation at Florida Brownfields Association Conference
10/23/12 Geosyntec Consultants Opens Office in New York City
10/18/12 Look Ahead: Geosyntec Events for October 21-27
10/16/12 Donna Bodine to Present on Water Quality Performance Monitoring During PNCWA Annual Conference
10/11/12 Look Ahead: Geosyntec Events for October 14-20
10/10/12 Geosyntec Sediment Practitioners to Present on Latest Management Approaches at Dredging 2012
10/09/12 Dave Heitz to Present on Beneficial Use of Landfill Gas During SWANA Georgia Meeting
10/04/12 Adrienne Nemura to Discuss Federal Mandates at Mayors Water Summit in Washington
10/04/12 Michael Berman to Address Environmental Liability Valuation During ABA Law Summit in Austin
10/03/12 Geosyntec to Draft CCP Disposal Guidance Documents for Electric Power Research Institute
10/02/12 Derek Tomlinson Among Instructors for Upcoming Course on LNAPL Science, Technology
10/01/12 Geosyntec Consultants Acquires EnviroGroup Limited
09/27/12 Dave Heitz to Present on Compressed Natural Gas as Alternative Fuel to Solid Waste
09/26/12 David Reynolds, Gary Wealthall Present Course on Soil and Groundwater Remediation in Australia
09/20/12 Paul Sabatini to Address Conference on Deep Foundations in Houston
09/18/12 Geosyntec Sponsors 2012 Global Waste Management Symposium in Phoenix
09/17/12 Geosyntec Professionals Among Presenters at 2012 International Association of Hydrogeologists Congress
09/12/12 Gary Wealthall Appointed Adjunct Faculty for Environmental Engineering at the University of Guelph
09/04/12 Aaron Sappenfield Co-Authors Article on Discovery of Earth’s Oldest Zoophycos Organisms
08/28/12 Lucas de Melo Appointed Adjunct Faculty for Civil Engineering at Johns Hopkins University
08/21/12 R. Kula Kulasingam Presents on Remediation at Onondaga Lake Site During ASCE-NC Meeting August 23
08/14/12 Geosyntec Sponsors 7th Annual Georgia Environmental Conference August 22-24
08/09/12 Geosyntec Consultants Enters Mentor-Protégé Agreement with H&S Environmental Inc.
08/08/12 Chris Herin, Mark Ellard to Lead Courses at The Florida Bar Annual Meeting August 9-10
08/07/12 Geosyntec Joins Post-Fire Watershed Protection Course at National Water Pollution Prevention Conference
08/01/12 Geosyntec Consultants Opens New Hampshire Office
07/30/12 Marcus Quigley to Present Urban Stormwater Technology Overview for Chesapeake Bay Community Leaders
07/25/12 Michael Kavanaugh Co-Authors Article on Chlorinated Solvent DNAPL Cleanup in Environmental Science and Technology
07/24/12 Houston Mayor Appoints Michael Bloom to Water Conservation Task Force
07/17/12 Aquatic Ecologist Steve Layman Joins Geosyntec Consultants
07/16/12 Geosyntec Consultants Opens San Francisco Office
07/05/12 David Vance to Discuss Stream Assessments, Improvement Projects at Texas Meeting
06/28/12 Geosyntec Chosen to Provide Environmental Remediation Services to NASA Through 2017
06/27/12 Michael Harding Tapped for New Role with International Erosion Control Association
06/26/12 Mary deFlaun to Address Coal Combustion Product Remediation Meeting July 11
06/12/12 Michael D’Alessandro to Address Society of American Military Engineers June 14
06/05/12 Geosyntec Included in PSMJ Circle of Excellence for Second Year
05/29/12 David Roman and ‘Intelligent’ Flood Control Systems Featured in Erosion Control Journal
05/22/12 Geosyntec Professionals Among Participants at 2012 World Environmental and Water Resources Congress
05/15/12 Derek Tomlinson to Teach Vapor Intrusion Course in Pennsylvania
05/09/12 Geosyntec Professionals to Present During Environment, Energy Security and Sustainability Symposium May 21-24
05/02/12 Geosyntec to Present at Upcoming Battelle Conference in Monterey, California, May 21-24
04/17/12 Brian Adair to Present at the American Public Power Association Engineering and Operations Technical Conference
04/02/12 Geosyntec Consultants Acquires Ford Consulting Group Ltd

Geosyntec Set to Attend Federal Conference on Design, Construction for Hazardous Waste Sites April 10-12

03/20/12 Geosyntec Team to Present During International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy and Air March 19-22
03/15/12 Geosyntec Team Set to Present March 25-29 at ASCE’s Geo-Congress 2012
03/14/12 Marcus Quigley Webinar Examines Urban Stormwater BMP Performance in Relation to Chesapeake Bay
03/13/12 Geosyntec to Join Participants at 41st Annual Environmental Law Conference March 22-24
03/09/12 Geosyntec to Present at UNC Charlotte's BioEnergy Symposium March 13-14
03/07/12 Geosyntec to Support Water Security, Sustainability for Defense Facilities Near Savannah
03/06/12 Geosyntec to join Participants at SWANA's Landfill Gas Symposium March 19-22
03/01/12 Scott Drew, Todd McAlary Aid in Roll Out of Revised Vapor Intrusion Technical Guidance for New Jersey
02/23/12 SiREM and Tersus Environmental Form Strategic Marketing Alliance
02/08/12 Geosyntec to Join Participants at ABA's 30th Annual Water Law Conference Feb. 22-24
02/01/12 James Griffin Tapped as Treasurer of Society of American Military Engineers Post
01/26/12 Derek Tomlinson Among Instructors for Upcoming Course on LNAPL Science, Technology
01/19/12 Michael Bloom Analysis of TMDL Regulatory Changes Featured in Texas Trade Publication
01/18/12 Sam Bade to Co-Moderate Weather Management Session at New England's Largest Water Quality Conference Jan. 23
01/12/12 Mike Kavanaugh Tapped for Law Institute's Board of Directors
12/14/11 Geosyntec Selects University of Michigan PhD Candidate as Student Whitepaper Winner
12/09/11 Patent Protection Granted for SiREM Tests to Monitor Chlorinated Solvent Remediation
12/07/11 Geosyntec's Use of Cloud-Based Stormwater Management Techniques Featured in Multiple Digital Media Forums
12/01/11 Bruce Marvin, Eric Suchomel Summarize Zero Valent Zinc Treatment at ACS Meeting
11/30/11 Geosyntec's Guelph Office Earns Distinction as Exceptional Place to Work for 2012
11/21/11 Geosyntec Announces New Sacramento Office Address
11/16/11 Geosyntec Makes Strong Showing at North America's Largest Water Quality Conference
11/09/11 Gary Wealthall, Derek Tomlinson, and Peter Zeeb to Pen LNAPL Handbook
11/04/11 Michael Kavanaugh Supports National Research Council Initiative on Sustainability and U.S. EPA
11/03/11 Bonaparte to Deliver 19th Spencer J. Buchanan Lecture at Texas A&M University
11/02/11 Lokesh Padhye Co-Authors Three Articles Appearing in Environmental Science and Technology
11/02/11 Dave Himmelheber Co-Authors Sediment Remediation Article Appearing in Water Research
11/02/11 City of Malibu Legacy Park Project Receives CASQA Award
11/01/11 David Adilman and Erik Petrovskis Present on Fractured Rock Remediation in Vermont
10/28/11 Steven Roy Pens Article on Use of Porous Surfaces for Stormwater Management
10/26/11 Ranjiv Gupta and Jeremy Morris Present Geothermal RET Results in Kyoto
10/25/11 Geosyntec Earns Spot Inside PSMJ Circle of Excellence
10/25/11 Bloom to Present New Federal Stormwater Regulations at Texas Conference
09/30/11 Geosyntec Water Resources Professionals Present at Annual California Stormwater Quality Association Conference
09/30/11 De Flaun Co-Authors Paper on Bacterial Transport Research
09/20/11 Lucia to Serve as Keynote Speaker at 42nd Annual Ohio River Valley Soils Seminar
09/19/11 Geosyntec Scientists and Engineers to Present at the NGWA Conference
09/16/11 Lucia and Bonaparte to Present at Geo-Congress 2012
09/16/11 Sancio Reports on Test Program Simulating Submerged Ice-Induced Seabed Displacement for Oil and Gas Pipelines
08/09/11 Geosyntec Personnel to Present at Upcoming Philadelphia LID Symposium, September 25 – 28, 2011
07/01/11 Rohit Goswami Co-Authors ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering Paper Comparing Modeling Techniques on Variable-Density Flow and Transport Experiments
06/22/11 Geosyntec Consultants Awarded Grant Funding by New York City for Innovative Stormwater Green Infrastructure Demonstration Projects
06/17/11 Geosyntec to Present at Upcoming Battelle International Symposium in Reno, Nevada June 27 – 30, 2011
06/16/11 Poresky Co-Presents ASCE Seminar on Stormwater Low Impact Development Applications
06/09/11 Geosyntec Consultants Signs Strategic Teaming Agreement for High Performance Green Infrastructure Computing Platform
06/06/11 Owen Cadwalader Presents at NovCare 2011
06/01/11 Geosyntec Consultants Awarded WERF Funding for Innovative High-Performance Green Infrastructure Research
05/26/11 Mark Ellard Presents LiDAR Paper at World’s Largest Floodplain Management Conference
05/25/11 Geosyntec Featured in Forbes "Boston Best in Business"
05/19/11 Philip Reidy Presents at the 2011 EWRI World Environmental & Water Resources Congress
05/18/11 Geosyntec and SiREM Staff Present at RemTEC 2011 in Chicago
05/11/11 Geosyntec Opens Kingston, Ontario Office
04/26/11 Geosyntec Consultants Opens Suburban Philadelphia Office
04/25/11 Neal Durant Partners with International Academics to Co-Author Article for April 2011 Issue of Water Research
03/14/11 Geosyntec Staff Present at 21st Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy and Air
03/01/11 Geochemistry Expert Bruce Sass Joins Geosyntec Consultants, Leading its Columbus Operations
02/18/11 Geosyntec Staff Teach at the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s “Growth Management, Energy, Climate Change and the Environment Short Course”
02/16/11 Alok Jha Delivers Lecture on Hurricane Risk to Offshore Wind Turbines in US Waters
02/15/11 Zahirul Islam’s Journal Paper Receives Honourable Mention as “One of the Best Papers Published in Geosynthetics International in 2008”
02/15/11 Leading Water Quality, Groundwater Remediation Expert Mike Kavanaugh Joins Geosyntec Consultants
02/14/11 Peter de Haven and Jamey Rosen Present NGWA Groundwater Data Management Webinar
02/08/11 Lisa Austin and Judd Goodman Share Step-by-Step Approach for Predicting Hydromodification Impacts
02/03/11 Brandon Klenzendorf Co-Authors Journal of Hydraulic Engineering Article on Methodology for Measuring Hydraulic Conductivity of Porous Pavement Friction Course
01/27/11 Invited Lecturer Marcus Quigley Talks Green Stormwater Infrastructure
01/26/11 Ganesh Krishnan Co-Authors The Military Engineer Stormwater Compliance Article
01/21/11 Robbie Ettinger and Todd McAlary Instruct ITRC Vapor Intrusion Training Course
01/05/11 Geosyntec Adds More Energy to its Gulf Coast Operations
12/14/10 Geosyntec Consultants Announces New DeLand Office
12/02/10 Brandon Klenzendorf Co-Authors ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering Article on Impact of Bridge Rails on Floodplain Analysis
12/01/10 Geosyntec Consultants Announces Key Staff Additions to Water Resources Practice
11/29/10 San Francisco Stormwater Harvesting Workshop
11/03/10 Geosyntec Consultants Announces New Phoenix Office
11/01/10 Chris Voci Presents at UMass Soils Conference
10/27/10 Railroad Environmental Conference 2010 Welcomes Geosyntec Staff, Clients
10/26/10 Philip Reidy to Discuss Ground-Breaking Water Resources Technologies
10/18/10 Geosyntec Staff Share Stormwater Experience at CASQA Conference
10/15/10 City Park’s Benefits are Fun, Recreation and Reducing Water Pollution
10/06/10 Steve Roy Speaks at Water and Energy Sustainability Symposium
10/06/10 David Adilman and Russ Abell Present ASCE Subsurface Explorations Lecture
09/30/10 Blue Roofs for Stormwater Control
09/22/10 Ronald Johnson and Ken Susilo Speak to Geotechnical Engineers on Infiltration BMPs
09/16/10 Remediation… Green It Up
09/13/10 Michael D’Alessandro Facilitates Principals Bootcamp
08/24/10 Geosyntec Announces EPA Subcontract Win for Evaluation of Stormwater Control Standards
08/18/10 Maryland Environmental Service Awards Geosyntec Staff for Outstanding Design and Construction Services
08/18/10 Success Shines on Staff at Florida Bar ELULS
08/17/10 Richard Finno Receives the 2010 Harry Schnabel Jr. Award
08/13/10 Geosyntec Staff and Clients Share Their Experiences, Studies at ACS Exposition
08/11/10 Mark Ellard Presents Stormwater Management Topics Affecting Municipalities at EWRI Watershed 2010
08/04/10 Geosyntec Pros Significant Players at 2010 WasteCon
07/30/10 Geosyntec Staff Lend Guidance in ER2010 Conference Presentations
07/29/10 Renee Fitsik, Steve Roy and Client Co-Author Partridgeberry Place Hydrology Study, Results in Stormwater Magazine
07/23/10 Geosyntec Welcomes Mark Hanna as Associate
07/22/10 Geosyntec Staffers, Clients Share Sunny Endings to Project Experiences at Florida SWANA Conference
07/19/10 Zahirul Islam Co-Authors ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Article on Antioxidant Depletion
07/15/10 Geosyntec Welcomes Mark Ellard as Associate
07/14/10 Scott Sheridan and Tom Ramsey Present Solid Waste Expertise at Old Dominion SWANA Conference
07/09/10 Geosyntec Staff Co-Author Two Articles in July 1, 2010 issue of Environmental Science and Technology
07/06/10 Geosyntec Consultants Welcomes Sean Ragain as Principal
06/22/10 Geosyntec Welcomes Wayne Huber as Senior Consultant
06/21/10 Ganesh Krishnan Guides Airmen on Stormwater Management for Federal Facilities
06/09/10 Tom Naymik Instructs Groundwater Flow, Transport, and Remediation Course
06/03/10 Geosyntec Staff Speak at Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics Conference
05/26/10 Geosyntec Appoints Robert Hartzel as Associate
05/26/10 Geosyntec Announces the Appointment of MMI Associate Guzhao Li
05/25/10 Geosyntec Consultants Awarded Remedial Design at Sutton Brook Landfill Superfund Site
05/24/10 Geosyntec Appoints Cuneyt Gokmen as Associate
05/21/10 Geosyntec Appoints Lisa Austin as Associate
05/21/10 Geosyntec Appoints Andrew Montgomery as Associate
05/21/10 Geosyntec Appoints Jimmy Whitmer as Associate
05/21/10 Geosyntec Appoints Brian Hitchens as Associate
05/19/10 50 Geosyntec Papers, Presentations Featured at Upcoming Battelle Remediation Conference
05/18/10 Imperial County Awards Geosyntec Landfill Closure Contract
05/17/10 Alok Jha Presents "Hurricane Risk to Offshore Wind Turbines" at Technology Conference
05/14/10 Geosyntec Design Project Awarded Outstanding Civil Engineering Project
05/13/10 American Electric Power Selects Geosyntec for New Landfill Design
05/07/10 Ron Johnson Presents Geotechnical Considerations for Infiltration Stormwater BMPs
05/05/10 Todd Creamer to Present at Upcoming Licensed Site Professional Association Meeting
05/05/10 Rainwater Harvesting, Watershed Management Expertise Shared at Upcoming World Environment & Water Resources Congress 2010
04/27/10 Michael Weaver Presents Ground Improvement as an Alternative to Deep Foundations
04/22/10 International Low Impact Development Conference Hosts Several Geosyntec Presenters
04/09/10 Eric Strecker Presents Stormwater, Sediments & Brownfield Re-Developments at Sediment Conference
04/09/10 Geosyntec Staff’s Stormwater, Sediment Contamination Article Published in The Water Report
04/08/10 Geosyntec Consultants Awarded Boston Stormwater Quality Evaluation Project
03/31/10 City of Austin Awards Geosyntec Team Advanced Watershed Engineering Contract
03/29/10 Rohit Goswami Co-Authors Natural and Anthropogenic Disasters: Vulnerability, Preparedness and Mitigation Book Chapter on Tsunami Impacts, Rehabilitation on Groundwater
03/24/10 Geosyntec’s Bill Priore, Howard Cumberland Present at Sediment/Soils Symposium
03/18/10 Geosyntec Announces Availability of Whitepaper on the Stormwater Compliance Implications of EISA for Federal Facilities
03/17/10 Geosyntec Consultants Welcomes Philip Reidy as Associate
03/15/10 GeoFlorida 2010 Hosts Several Geosyntec Presenters
03/08/10 Geosyntec Consultants Announces Acquisition of Rainwater Recovery Inc.
03/02/10 Geosyntec Announced as 2010 Excellence in Environmental Engineering Award Winner
02/22/10 Geosyntec Site Assessment Leads to Unique Landfill Cover Plan
02/19/10 Geosyntec Welcomes Michael D’Alessandro as Director of Corporate Development
02/19/10 Geosyntec Consultants Announces Scott Drew Among New Jersey’s First Licensed Site Remediation Professionals
02/17/10 Geosyntec Welcomes Jim Bannantine as Senior Geologist
02/17/10 Geosyntec Welcomes Scott Sheridan as Senior Engineer
02/17/10 Geosyntec Welcomes Bruce Marvin as Associate
02/17/10 Geosyntec and MMI Engineering Welcome Rodolfo Sancio as Senior Engineer
02/17/10 Geosyntec Welcomes Russ Short as Associate
02/15/10 Fan Zhu Co-Authors Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Article on Geosynthetic in Reinforced Earth Structures
02/15/10 Geosyntec Welcomes Chris Voci as Senior Geologist
02/05/10 Aaron Getchell and Mike Lodato Provide Environmentally Sound Advice to Dry Cleaners
02/05/10 Meng Wang Receives Battelle Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research
01/18/10 Meng Wang Lead Author of Environmental Science & Technology Article on Bacterial Migration
12/23/09 Geosyntec Client Praises Firm for Innovative WallTracker™
12/09/09 Geosyntec Receives 2010 Engineering Excellence Award for Engineered Wetlands for Sustainable Leachate Management
12/06/09 Geosyntec Staff to Present at 2010 New England Water Environment Association Annual Conference
11/13/09 Geosyntec Staff Member Co-Authors Canadian Geotechnical Journal Article on Low-Cost ERT for Soil Monitoring
11/12/09 Geosyntec Consultants Announces New Charlotte Office
11/04/09 Geosyntec Welcomes Bill Priore as Senior Consultant
10/29/09 Geosyntec Consultants Announces New Minneapolis Office led by Paul Brookner
10/28/09 Geosyntec Staff Member Co-Authors Waste Management Article on Impact of Landfill Liner Time-Temperature
10/22/09 Geosyntec Helps Client Build Credibility with Regulators, Citizens
10/21/09 Geosyntec Practitioners Lead in Numbers at CASQA Conference
10/20/09 Geosyntec Client, Borough of Somerville, Awarded Brownfield Designation Area Status by NJDEP
10/14/09 Geosyntec Practice Leaders Invited to Present at Sustainability Colloquium
10/13/09 Geosyntec Collaboration Pioneers Research, Technology One Award at a Time
10/01/09 Chicago-Based Planning Agency Selects Geosyntec Team to Develop Watershed Plan
09/29/09 Geosyntec Selected for National Highway NPDES Permitting Research Project
09/23/09 Staff to Present at Sediment Management Working Group Fall Sponsor Forum in New York
09/17/09 Marcus Quigley Named Diplomate of the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers
09/10/09 Geosyntec Staff Co-Author Article on First Chicago Waterway Microbiological Characterization Study
09/09/09 Geosyntec Welcomes Howard Cumberland as Principal
09/08/09 Geosyntec Receives Gold Rating for Safety
08/28/09 Geosyntec Project Cover Story for Geosynthetics Magazine
08/27/09 Florida County Selects Geosyntec Team to Provide Solid Waste Engineering and Planning Services
08/27/09 Geosyntec, in Collaboration with Oregon Health and Science University, Awarded Navy Contract to Evaluate Treatability of 1,2,3-Trichloropropane Using Abiotic Chemical Reduction Process
08/13/09 Geosyntec Supports Brady G2 Team for Navy EMAC Award
08/10/09 Geosyntec Awarded Maryland Landfill Gas System Design/Build/Operate Contract
08/07/09 Successful Long-Term Collaboration between Geosyntec, University of Toronto Leads to Over $10 Million in Funding
08/05/09 Geosyntec Staff Member Co-Authors ASCE Article on Permeation of BTEX through Unaged and Aged HDPE Geomembranes
08/05/09 Geosyntec Welcomes John Banks as Associate
07/30/09 Geosyntec Welcomes Chad Drummond as Associate
07/22/09 Geosyntec Consultants Announces Vero Beach Office Opening
06/29/09 Geosyntec’s Guelph Office Honored with Workplace Education Award
06/12/09 Keith Clutter Co-Authors Article on Modeling Property Value Loss in Terrorist Bombings
06/12/09 Geosyntec Staff Co-Author U.S. Department of Defense-Sponsored Publication
06/02/09 MEC Water Resources Joins Geosyntec Consultants
05/27/09 Kelly Pollack Wittwer Article Studies Impact of Emerging Contaminant on Coral Symbionts
05/27/09 Geosyntec Welcomes Jennifer Holder
05/15/09 Daniel Elliott Co-Authors Remediation of Lindane using Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron
05/15/09 Geosyntec Welcomes Libby McDonald
05/08/09 Geosyntec Staff Author Article on Sustainable Stormwater Management for Federal Facilities
05/05/09 Geosyntec Presents at World of Coal Ash
04/29/09 Geosyntec Co-Authors Technical Guidance for Swedish EPA
04/29/09 The Ghana Project: Real-World Engineering
04/17/09 Geosyntec Studies LID Impacts for Future Design Techniques
04/01/09 Geosyntec Staff Tell Their Story of “Saving Silver Lake”
03/24/09 Geosyntec Displays Leadership in Vapor Intrusion
03/12/09 In Memoriam: Geosyntec Remembers Colleague Bill Ward
03/04/09 Joe Esseichick, CHMM, CPG, Joins Geosyntec as Senior Scientist
02/20/09 Jean-Pierre Giroud Elected to National Academy of Engineering
02/13/09 Geosyntec Team Honored with Client Awards
02/02/09 Lisa Austin Elected to the California Stormwater Quality Association Board of Directors
01/08/09 Dave Himmelheber, Evan Cox, Jeff Roberts, and Dan Cope Co-Author Papers in January 2009 Issue of Environmental Science and Technology
12/15/08 Kwasi Badu-Tweneboah Invited to Present at First GeoAfrica Conference
11/21/08 Mary DeFlaun and Dan Elliott to Speak at Rutgers University Groundwater Short Course
11/19/08 Lilian Abreu to Present Vapor Intrusion Conceptual Site Model at US EPA National Forum
11/05/08 Geosyntec Announces Appointment of Robert Bachus, as Georgia Tech Adjunct Professor
11/04/08 Nandra Weeks Elected President of Florida Brownfields Association
10/30/08 MMI Announces NASA Contract Contributing to Constellation Program
10/28/08 Geosyntec Staff to Present at the 2008 Solid Waste Association of North America Fall Conference
10/27/08 Geosyntec Announces AFCEE Team Task Order Award for Remedial Process Optimization at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia
10/27/08 Geosyntec Announces National Academy of Sciences Award
10/02/08 Edmund Medley Named 2009 Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Engineering Geology
09/19/08 Geosyntec Named “Best Firm to Work For” Among Environmental Firms
09/18/08 Lake Okeechobee Dike Rehabilitation Essential for Storm-Weary Florida
09/18/08 Geosyntec Selected to Support Chicago Winter Preparedness 2008 Program
09/03/08 Megan Patterson Receives ASCE Honor
08/26/08 Dan Schauer Appointed National Construction Services Manager
08/25/08 Geosyntec Staff Present Courses at Georgia Environmental Conference
08/06/08 Geosyntec Project Recognized at Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards Ceremony
08/05/08 Geosyntec Subsidiary MMI Welcomes Alok Jha
08/02/08 Geosyntec Announces the Appointment of Four New Associates
07/31/08 Geosyntec Announces AFCEE Team Contract Award
07/15/08 Geosyntec Welcomes Ersin Yalcin
06/27/08 Geosyntec Announces the Appointment of Three New Principals
06/24/08 Dr. Paul Jacob Selected to Participate in NAE's 2008 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium
06/19/08 Analysis and Design of Aquifer Test Short Course
06/16/08 Geosyntec Welcomes Chris Campbell, Ph.D., as Senior Scientist
06/06/08 Geosyntec Engineers Provide Solutions for Challenging Landfill Expansion
06/05/08 Geosyntec Awarded Berry’s Creek Remediation Investigation & Feasibility Study
06/05/08 DeKalb County Environmental Monitoring and Gas Control System Operation and Maintenance
05/02/08 Dave Himmelheber, Ph.D., Receives Double Honors for Outstanding Doctoral Research
04/30/08 Nivi Ramaswamy Selected for UN Commission on Sustainable Development
03/19/08 Geosyntec Principal Michael Houlihan, P.E., Named ASCE Fellow
03/03/08 History Channel Interviews Dr. Ed Medley Regarding the San Francisco Sea Cliff Incident
02/11/08 Geosyntec Announces New Associate Eric Nesbit & Raleigh Office Opening
12/03/07 Geosyntec Welcomes Julie Stephenson
12/03/07 Geosyntec Welcomes Kathleen McGowen, P.E., as Senior Engineer
11/27/07 Geosyntec Offices are “Best Place to Work”
11/27/07 Geosyntec Principal Receives ITRC “2007 Industry Recognition Award”
10/26/07 Geosyntec Recognizes Technical Excellence at 6th Annual Groundwater Conference
10/22/07 Super Meth Lab Bust Leads to Cambodia Site Cleanup
08/17/07 Geosyntec Welcomes Bob Glazier, P.G., as Associate
08/14/07 Geosyntec Welcomes Angela Liang, Ph.D., P.E.
08/10/07 Dale Prokopchak, C.I.H., C.S.P., Joins Geosyntec as Director of Environmental Health and Safety
08/08/07 Greg Gibbons, P.E., Joins Geosyntec as Associate
08/02/07 Daprato Receives Medal for Contribution to Global Water Environment
06/26/07 Massachusetts Database Project Awarded
06/19/07 Geosyntec Engineer Selected to Participate in NAE's 2007 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium
04/17/07 Innovative Technology Selected for 2007 Space Technology Hall of Fame
04/16/07 Susan (Fullerton) Hill Joins Geosyntec as Principal
04/09/07 Emily Majcher Joins Geosyntec as Engineer
04/09/07 James Wang, Ph.D., P.E., Joins Geosyntec as Environmental Engineer
04/09/07 Geosyntec Approved as Registered Environmental Consultant
03/29/07 Geosyntec Funds Fellowships for Engineering Research
03/29/07 Geosyntec Staff Author Technical Publications
02/28/07 Edstrom Selected to Join Chicago Water Panel
02/28/07 Tammy Hebeler Wins Young Engineer of the Year Award
02/28/07 Rudy Bonaparte Elected to National Academy of Engineering
01/15/07 Radiological and Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility Speeds Cold War Legacy Site Closure
12/06/06 Geosyntec Project “Outstanding Stormwater Best Management Practice Implementation”
12/04/06 Geosyntec Staff Awarded Outstanding Engineer
12/03/06 Geosyntec’s Steven Roy Earns LEED Accreditation
12/02/06 Geosyntec Ranks Among Exceptional Business Performers and Best Firms to Work for in U.S.