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Geosyntec News

Geosyntec is home to projects that have been honored by our clients and professional organizations, personnel recognized for their contributions to their profession and community-based activities, and corporate initiatives designed to enhance our technical and client service capabilities. Throughout our corporate news section, you will find features on new technologies and service offerings, recognitions of our staff for contributions to their professions and communities, new office openings, and corporate honors.

News Articles
04/23/15 Mike Hardin Instructor for the BMPTRAINS Model Training Workshop at UCF’s Stormwater Management Academy
04/21/15 Dan Elliott Co-Authors Article on the Use of Nanoremediation in International Markets
04/20/15 Article Published by Ravi Arulanantham and Deepa Gandhi in the Remediation Journal
04/14/15 Geosyntec Selected for Assessment of Massachusetts Tide Gates
04/06/15 Event Roundup: April 2015
03/30/15 Two Articles by Geosyntec Practitioners Featured in Geostrata Magazine
03/23/15 Event Roundup: March 2015
03/18/15 Graham Webb Joins Other Brownfield Experts to Discuss Reforms to Northern Ireland’s Planning System
03/10/15 Geosyntec Practitioners Co-Author Journal Article on the Feasibility of Adding Iodine to Drinking Water to Offset the Potential Health Impacts of Exposure to Low Levels of Perchlorate
03/02/15 Geosyntec's Todd Creamer and Eric Lovenduski to Present on Vapor Intrusion in Massachusetts
02/24/15 Event Roundup: 2015 RemTEC Summit
02/09/15 Rula Deeb Co-Chaired the NAS 2nd Annual Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Symposium
02/04/15 Geosyntec Recognized by Danish EPA for Innovation in Environmental Remediation Technologies
01/26/15 Austin's Zahirul Islam Co-Authors Two Journal Articles on HDPE Geomembrane Durability