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Steven Roy Pens Article on Use of Porous Surfaces for Stormwater Management

Release Date: 10/28/11

A monthly newsletter for landscaping professionals this month features an update on best practices in stormwater management by Steven Roy, a principal environmental scientist based in Geosyntec’s suburban Boston office.

The article appears in the Ecological Landscaping Association’s October 2011 member newsletter.  Steve, a LEED® accredited professional, contributed “Porous Surfaces – How Are We Doing?,” which discusses why porous surfaces are an important tool in stormwater management and control. 

Throughout the United States, federal, state and local regulators try to employ on-site retention of stormwater.  Steve's feature explains that, in order to retain stormwater on site, opportunities for excess water to permeate and renew groundwater can be put into place.  Porous surfaces and associated products enable development to continue while also providing opportunities for stormwater to infiltrate beneath the surface.

A wide variety of porous surface products and approaches are now accepted as mainstream practices, he writes, including porous asphalt, porous concrete, and interlocking concrete pavers.