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Geosyntec News

Look Ahead: Geosyntec Events for October 21-27

Release Date: 10/18/12

World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure
ASCE Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute

2012 Dredging Conference
October 22-25, 2012
San Diego, California

Geosyntec and SiREM Participants:

Associate Kwasi Badu-Tweneboah (Jacksonville)
Project Geologist Scott Compston (Oak Brook)
Principal Howard Cumberland (Portland)
Associate Pete de Haven (Atlanta)
Principal Susan Hill (Oak Brook)
Engineer David Himmelheber (Princeton)
Associate Brian Hitchens (San Diego)
Principal Tom Krug (Guelph)
Scientist Jeff Roberts (Guelph)
Principal Sam Williams (San Diego)

For More Information:

Howard Cumberland

Fourth Annual Transmission Summit West 2012
October 22-24, 2012
San Diego, California

Geosyntec Participants:

Project Geologist Doug Baumwirt (San Diego)
Senior Geologist Alex Greene (San Diego)

For More Information:

Veryl Wittig

Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center
15th Annual International Symposium
October 23-25, 2012
College Station, Texas

MMI Engineering Participants:

Senior Engineer Irfan Shaikh (Houston)
Associate Eric Peterson (Houston)

For More Information:

Eric Peterson