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Look Ahead: Geosyntec Events for November 4-10

Release Date: 11/01/12

California Stormwater Quality Association
8th Annual CASQA Conference
November 5-7, 2012
San Diego, California

Geosyntec Participants:

Principal Eric Strecker (Portland)
Principal Marcus Quigley (Brookline)
Principal Ken Susilo (Los Angeles)
Associate Lisa Austin (Oakland )
Associate Brandon Steets (Santa Barbara)
Associate Kathleen Harrison (San Diego)
Principal Eric Smalstig (Huntington Beach)
Senior Consultant Peter Mangarella (Oakland)
Senior Consultant Kim Williams (San Diego)
Senior Staff Engineer Raina Dwivedi (Oakland)
Engineer Courtney Wilson (San Diego)
Engineer Aaron Poresky (Portland)
Engineer Judd Goodman (Oakland)

For More Information:

Lisa Austin

Business and Indusry Association New Hampshire's Statewide Chamber of Commerce
2012 New Hampshire Water Symposium
November 9, 2012
Manchester, New Hampshire

Geosyntec Participants:

Principal Steve Roy (Boston)
Associate Peter King (Manchester, NH)
Associate Rob Roseen (Brookline)
Senior Geologist Erin Kirby (Manchester, NH)

For More Information:

Peter King