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Eric Nesbit, P.E.


Site Investigation and Remediation

Groundwater Assesment and Remediation

Environmental Management Assesment and Systems 

Brownfields Redevelopment Planning and Design 

Watershed & Stormwater Management


M.S., Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, 1994

B.S., Civil Engineering, Duke University, 1993

Primary Disciplines:
Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Public Health,

Eric Nesbit, P.E., is a principal environmental engineer with 14 years of program management experience executing environmental remediation actions, removal actions, and remedial construction projects within budget and on schedule. His technical skills in design, problem solving, and process optimization have led to numerous innovative applications of proven technologies that resulted in cost savings to clients and accelerated remediation processes. Over the past 14 years, he has managed over $100 million in construction and remediation projects at dozens of federal facilities. Mr. Nesbit served as the Deputy Resident Officer in Charge of Construction under NAVFAC West Division in San Bruno and was assigned to Naval Weapons Station Concord where he managed Construction and Remediation projects at six Bay Area Naval Facilities. Recently, Mr. Nesbit served as program manager for five federal programs including Naval Facilities Engineering Command Environmental Multiple Award Contracts and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Remedial Action Contracts, and was the responsible line manager for four U.S. EPA Program Contracts.

Practice Specialties
Mr. Nesbit specializes in accelerated cradle-to-grave site remediation working in a partnering effort with all stakeholders to expedite achieving the clients remedial objectives. He is skilled at implementing remedial actions using the U.S. EPA Triad approach for efficient data utilization and applying statistical methods to site delineation and modeling. He is an experienced facilitator, working with responsible parties, regulators and community stakeholders on a wide variety of environmental issues with a successful track record of achieving favorable terms for his clients.

Advancing the State-of-the-Practice
He is experienced with the implementation of the latest proven technologies and applies innovative solutions in real world environments bridging the gap between development and application of environmental solutions. He presented numerous papers on successful advances in technological application and results-oriented performance-based projects involving innovative in situ soil and groundwater remediation in CERCLA, RCRA, and UST sites. He is adept at expediting site investigations, optimizing remediation solutions, and accelerating site closure through innovative technology applications. Papers include, "Liberating Environmentally Encumbered Sites: Triad Approach Applied to Future First Planning", "Innovative Application of Emulsified Oil to Soil Excavations to Enhance Biodegradation of Chlorinated Ethenes", "Dynamic Wells and Adaptive Networks; Life Cycle Management of Extraction and Injection Wells", and "Enhanced In-Situ Biofiltration."

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