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Paul Sabatini, Ph.D. P.E.


Waste Containment Facility Planning and Design

Geohazard/Earthquake Characterization and Mitigation

Geotechnical Infrastructure/Foundation Engineering


Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Northwestern University, 1994

M.S., Civil Engineering, Northwestern University, 1991

B.S., Civil Engineering, Columbia University, 1989

Primary Disciplines:
Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering,

Paul Sabatini, Ph.D., P.E., is a principal geotechnical engineer based in Illinois. Since joining the firm in 1994, he has built a geotechnical and geostructural engineering practice for large civil infrastructure projects found throughout the United States and the developing world.

Paul's primary focus is engineering design for underground construction in environments with challenging subsurface conditions – natural or man-made. He also is a trusted adviser for projects that require foundation design, ground improvement, and earth retaining system design, including temporary support systems. He plays a leading role in the firm's design work for capital projects in the oil and gas industry for processing units and shoreline transshipment facilities.

A certified instructor for the National Highway Institute (NHI), Paul also is the principal investigator, author or co-author of multiple geotechnical engineering circulars on behalf of the Federal Highway Authority (FHA). His publications cover topics such as "Earth Retaining Systems," "Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering for Highways," and "Ground Anchors and Anchored Systems." He has been instrumental in many federal and state assignments that advance the state of the practice in the design and construction of geotechnical features.

Paul was a co-principal investigator for a National Cooperative Highway Research Program project on the development of load and resistance factor design (LFRD) and construction recommendations for soil nail walls. He also updated curriculum materials for a NHI/FHWA training course on the use of LRFD for retaining structures used in highway construction. In addition, he was the lead revision author for the FHWA's manual on micropile design and construction.

In 2004, Paul earned the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Arthur Casagrande Award for Contributions to the Design of Earth Retaining Systems and Ground Anchors. He is a member of the society's earth retaining structures committee and also serves as an adjunct lecturer at Northwestern University, where he has taught a course on LRFD for earth retaining systems.

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