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Client Sectors

Oil and Gas Affiliated Industries

Geosyntec has served the oil and gas industry with environmental consulting, engineering, and management expertise for nearly two decades.  We routinely work with all segments of the industry – downstream, midstream, and upstream – as well as legacy sites and litigation support.  In keeping with the industry focus, we emphasize safety process and performance in all our work efforts.  We are proud of our exceptional safety record.


Geosyntec provides the chemicals/petrochemicals manufacturing and refining industry with technical services for strategic management and resolution of complex environmental issues. 

Diversified Manufacturing Industries

Geosyntec provides technical services for strategic asset management and resolution of complex environmental issues for diversified manufacturers. 

Aerospace and Electronics Manufacturing Industries

Geosyntec provides technical services for strategic management of legacy properties and resolution of complex environmental issues related to ongoing operations including those associated with merger, acquisition, and divestiture activities within the aerospace and electronics manufacturing industries. 

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Geosyntec is a leading provider of environmental consulting services to multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries serving locations in the United States and Europe.  We know that strict compliance in these highly regulated industries is essential for our clients to maintain excellent public relations and a reputation for social responsibility and environmental stewardship. 

Electric Power Utilities

Power Industry clients rely on Geosyntec for environmental, geotechnical, water resources, and structural engineering, consulting, design, and regulatory compliance services. We provide these services for hydro, fossil fuel, nuclear, and renewable energy generating and transmission facilities in the United States.

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

Geosyntec helps both public and private sector clients in the solid waste management industry with the permitting, design, construction management, and closure of landfills, leachate and gas management systems, and waste transfer stations.  Our experience spans the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia involving more than 500 facilities operating under a broad range of site, operational, and regulatory settings.

Real Estate/Property Development Services

Geosyntec helps clients make property transactions and site development projects more successful. We understand the physical challenges and environmental compliance issues associated with achieving the full potential of a property - from redeveloping contaminated, underutilized, and abandoned properties to landform grading and stormwater management, to subsurface vapor migration and landfill gas containment and control.

Law Firms

As an outgrowth of the technical expertise and reputation of its senior practitioners, Geosyntec has become a trusted technical resource to leading law firms throughout the United States.  We provide the specialized expertise necessary for lawyers to counsel their clients and advocate for client interests on a wide range of matters related to environmental management, compliance, enforcement, toxic tort and other litigation, and business transactions. 

Municipalities, Counties, and Local Public Agencies

At Geosyntec, we understand the business of local government and the daily demands of strict accountability, tight budgets and deadlines, and answering to a diverse range of customers – who are also constituents. 

State Government Agencies and Departments

Geosyntec supports government departments, agencies, and authorities that are entrusted with statewide responsibility for protection of the state’s environmental resources, water supply and water resources management, hazardous and solid wastes management, roads and highways, state-owned buildings and lands, university systems, and parks and recreational facilities.

Federal Departments and Agencies

Federal clients choose Geosyntec to work on their most challenging projects, where inventive technical and management approaches are required for engineering, earth science, remediation, and environmental management consulting and design services.