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Robert Ettinger

Practice Specialties

Groundwater Assessment and Remediation

Specialized In Situ Treatment Technology

Risk Assesment and Applied Technology

Environmental Management Assesment and Systems

Brownfields Redevelopment Planning and Designs


M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1989 

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Rice University, 1986 

Primary Disciplines:
Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Public Health,

Robert Ettinger is a principal environmental scientist based in California with more than 20 years of professional experience. His practice focuses on the fate and transport of contaminants in the unsaturated zone, including soil vapor extraction system design, vapor emission estimation, and subsurface contaminant vapor migration to indoor air.

Mr. Ettinger has extensive experience in assessing potential subsurface vapor intrusion to indoor air associated with former and current gasoline retail and distribution, petroleum pipeline, and petrochemical manufacturing facilities. This experience includes managing human health risk assessments, designing and implementing groundwater and soil vapor remediation systems, leading negotiations with regulatory agencies on behalf of individual companies, and developing risk-based strategies for corporate environmental liability and business management initiatives.

His contributions to advancing the state of the practice began with his co-authorship of the Johnson and Ettinger (1991) algorithm for evaluating subsurface contaminant vapor intrusion to indoor air. During the past 15 years, additional contributions have been made through field investigations and modeling evaluations on subsurface contaminant vapor intrusion to indoor air. His work is widely cited by regulators and industry groups as the reference point for beginning vapor intrusion assessments. Mr. Ettinger has published numerous articles on chemical vapor intrusion, environmental fate of volatile chemicals, and design considerations for groundwater and soil vapor extraction systems.

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