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Marcus M. Quigley, P.E., CPESC


Watershed and Stormwater Management

Erosion and Sediment control

Water and Natural Resources Conservation and Restoration


M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Oregon State University, 1998

B.S., Environmental Engineering, University of Notre Dame, 1995

Primary Disciplines:
Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering,

Marcus Quigley, P.E., D.WRE, CPESC, is a principal civil and environmental engineer based in Massachusetts with more than 15 years of experience working on challenging projects related to surface water hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, and stormwater and erosion and sediment control permitting and management. He is recognized as a national technical leader in stormwater best management practice (BMP) design, research and development, modeling, data analysis, and field data acquisition.

Marcus has extensive experience in the execution and management of major compliance auditing and litigation support projects. He also is managing and directing major nationwide NPDES compliance audit programs for private clients. He has been the lead designer for a number of conventional and low impact development (LID) controls systems, and has directed groundbreaking monitoring work to demonstrate the effectiveness of LID.

Marcus regularly conducts and directs complex surface water quantity and quality modeling efforts. During the past 10 years he has provided technical leadership and project management for the International Stormwater Best Management Practices Database project. As part of that project, he was a co-author of “Urban Stormwater BMP Performance Monitoring – A Guidance Manual for Meeting the National Stormwater BMP Database Requirements” (April 2002), as well as the 2008 update to the manual that incorporates LID. As part of research teams, he has been a co-author of a number of BMP selection guidance manuals, including “Evaluation of Best Management Practices for Highway Runoff Control.” This manual evaluates the basic scientific and technical criteria that can be used for the quantitative assessment of wet-weather flow control alternatives for highways and other highway-related facilities. Marcus was the co-author of the 2008 New York State Stormwater Design Standard for Phosphorus Restricted Watersheds (Chapter 10).

Through internally and externally funded research and development efforts, Marcus helps bring to the marketplace fundamentally new approaches to surface and stormwater real-time control, combined stormwater control/reuse systems, and consumptive use, demand-side feedback management using ambient information systems.

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