At Geosyntec, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive, equitable and diverse environment for all our employees, clients, partners, and the communities we serve.

Our commitment to inclusion, equity, and diversity furthers the continued success of our employee-owned business by developing and advancing meaningful partnerships with our external stakeholders and enabling our employees to build rewarding careers at Geosyntec. We believe this is essential to the core of our business—one that involves delivering sustainable and innovative solutions for improving our environment and infrastructure.


Our commitment to inclusion, equity, and diversity is rooted in our values in multiple ways:

  • Passion—Our leadership and employees passionately embrace inclusion and diversity in all forms in all they do. We believe that diversity and inclusion is about Being our Best.
  • Inclusion—We strive to promote a culture where every employee can bring their whole self to work, where mutual respect and understanding is the cornerstone of our values. We believe that an inclusive workplace enhances our performance and leads to positive outcomes.
  • Collaboration—We believe that everyone whom we employ or serve represents a unique perspective that is valued and respected. We cultivate a culture of collaboration where such behavior is incentivized and rewarded, especially within our leadership.
  • Innovation—Innovative solutions are vital to our unique identity in the marketplaces we serve. We strive to innovate in all aspects of our business including ways to empower, train, mentor, grow and sustain our diverse workforce. A diverse workforce enhances our ability to provide clients with effective solutions to complex issues. We remain nimble and adaptable to the diverse and rapidly changing needs of our employees, clients and our communities.
  • Lifelong Learning—Continuous improvement through a culture of lifelong learning is essential for the long-term sustainability of our business. We are intentional in seeking self-education and external expertise to support our journey and living up to our commitment of promoting inclusion.
  • Sustainability—Sustainability is a common thread that runs through several aspects of our being. We believe that sustaining an employee-owned business framework provides us the freedom to live our self-driven values and commitment to inclusion, equity and diversity.


Geosyntec has many established programs to support our diverse workforce, including: 

  • Diversity Council—We recognize that embodying an inclusive culture is an ongoing journey that requires consistent and sustained investment from all levels across the firm. Our efforts are directed by an internal Diversity Council, consisting of employees who represent various aspects of the firm’s diversity. This independent council works closely with our leadership and Human Resources to provide direction and guidance for our diversity program at Geosyntec.
  • Women’s Mentoring Program—We highly value gender diversity at all levels within Geosyntec. This grassroots program is an important avenue for women and non-gender conforming individuals to connect and support each other, by providing helpful resources and mentoring to advance women’s and gender non-conforming individuals’ career development.
  • Mentorship and Affinity Program—We mentor and sponsor the success of employees in all stages of their career. This program connects individuals throughout the firm and delivers impactful mentorship, driven by the employee’s personalized goals.
  • Diversity Engagement Channels—We believe in an engaged workforce. Open communication among employees through these channels raises our collective awareness and affirms our commitment to anti-racism, celebrations of diversity, and focus on conscious inclusion.
  • Education and Training Resources—We provide customized resources to educate employees to self-identify and work to eliminate any unconscious biases and move towards conscious inclusion.
  • Leadership Accountability—Our leaders are committed to the firm’s values and are held accountable in fulfilling this commitment. We are incorporating leadership competencies in our performance management and hiring practices to foster intentional and conscious inclusion.
  • Campus Outreach—We collaborate with diverse organizations on college campuses to network and engage with a diverse group of candidates to increase the diversity of our talent pipeline.


We are committed to continually refining our internal functions to ensure that our systems and processes are inclusive, fair, and promote equal opportunity. We are dedicated to efforts to enhance, improve, and promote Geosyntec’s culture of inclusion, equity and diversity.