October 4, 2013

David Adilman and Russ Abell Present ASCE Subsurface Explorations Lecture

BOSTON, Ma. — David Adilman, PG, and Russ Abell, PG, recently presented an American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) lecture, in conjunction with an Advanced Foundation Engineering class at the University of Massachusetts - Lowell, entitled "Subsurface Explorations — The Geology of the New England Area."

David and Russ gave an overview of the bedrock structural history and development of metamorphic and igneous belts throughout New England. They also provided a summary of the glacial history of New England using photography of active glaciers and glacial deposits from around the world. David and Russ then related current observable deposits to historical glacial stratigraphy encountered in subsurface explorations in and around the Boston area. They finished by covering typical drilling and sampling methods used to characterize the glacial and bedrock geology in New England.

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