September 30, 2013

Geosyntec Staff Present Courses at Georgia Environmental Conference

ATLANTA, Ga. — Geosyntec staff will be speaking at the Georgia Chamber's Third Annual Georgia Environmental Conference, August 27 — 29, 2008, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Savannah, Ga. Offering over 30 courses, the conference is one of the state's largest and most comprehensive environmental education opportunities. We are pleased to note that Geosyntec Senior Consultant, Nolton Johnson of our Atlanta Regional Office, is a member of the Steering Committee for this conference. Geosyntec staff will be leading the following courses:

"Land Use — Low Impact Development (LID)," (Ganesh Krishnan, PE, CPESC, moderator and speaker): This course covers case studies focusing on innovate design techniques to reduce or eliminate stormwater runoff. Ganesh will be joined by Tom Robertson of Cranston Engineering, who will also be speaking.

"Recent Changes for Environmental Permitting in Georgia," (Terry Cheek, CFP, presenter): This session will present an analysis of recent changes in federal requirements and initiatives regarding environmental permit administration. Other speakers include Harvey Rosenzweig, environmental attorney; Bill Fonferek, Savannah District, US Army Corps of Engineers; and Bill Fronzcak, environmental attorney/engineer.

"Sustainable Water Supply for Georgia Droughts" and "Inter-state Water Challenges," (Nolton Johnson, PE, CPESC, moderator).

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