May 9, 2017

Geosyntec Implementation Underway for RISE : NYC Resiliency Technologies

Geosyntec is developing business-specific active floodproofing systems and conducting resiliency audits in support of New York City Economic Development Corporation's RISE : NYC program. Geosyntec's Andrea Braga (Massachusetts) and Kelly Havens (California) are leading the effort.

Featured in New York City's OneNYC 2017 Progress Report (p. 190), Geosyntec's active floodproofing project is one of 11 projects selected to receive Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program (CDBG-DR) funds as part of the RISE:NYC Technology Competition. The project uses OptiRTC's remote monitoring and active control platform to monitor and provide local businesses with live storm surge forecasts and flood risk data. The Opti Platform integrates cloud services, network hardware, microcontrollers, sensors, valves, and actuators to deliver information and control services to water infrastructure owners and operators, on a web interface.

Also featured in the report, Geosyntec's resiliency audit for a local business, Hook Enterprises, has resulted in the client's understanding of the mitigation steps necessary to improve resiliency. Joe Tirone of Hook Enterprises is quoted in the report, saying "My mixed-use property on Bay Street was one of the many commercial properties that were damaged by Sandy on the North Shore on Staten Island. [The audit] detailed recommended mitigation measures so that damage can be minimized in a future storm...vulnerabilities that I never would have otherwise never known to exist."

Geosyntec contributors to the projects include Hayley O'Grady (Massachusetts), Eric Strecker (Oregon), and David Roman (Massachusetts, pictured in the report).

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