Geosyntec Leadership in Coal Combustion Residuals (CCRs)

Based on our demonstrated expertise and recognition in the power industry, Geosyntec was recently selected by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to write guidance documents for the power industry related to ash pond closure and remediation.

Geosyntec-Authored Guidance

As part of its research program examining the long-term storage of coal combustion products, EPRI asked Geosyntec to author and co-author the following:

Static Liquefaction of Ash


  • Assessed the stability of hydraulically placed fly ash
  • In situ properties
  • Flow potential
  • Potential for static liquefaction


Dewatering and Capping of CCR Ponds


  • Planning
  • Geotechnical evaluation
  • Dewatering
  • Hydrologic evaluation
  • Preloading & consolidation techniques
  • Cap design
  • Surface stabilization and construction water management
  • Post-closure care


Construction Over Closed or Closing CCR Ponds


  • Feasibility evaluation
  • Permitting and regulatory considerations
  • Geotechnical
  • Hydrologic
  • Hydrogeologic
  • Wastewater needs
  • Landfill design criteria
  • Construction and operational considerations
  • Post-closure care


Eight Compliance Measures to Consider Now to Meet EPA's Proposed Rules

1. Assess the need to value and report financial liabilities related to future CCR management
2. Maximize capacity of current disposal areas
3. Develop a strategy to meet any relevant groundwater/liner separation criterion
4. Assess future leachate treatment needs
5. Assess surface-water discharges for contaminants not identified in the discharge permit
6. Collect data needed to demonstrate compliance
7. Develop a plan for retrofitting surface impoundments
8. Develop a public participation strategy to proactively manage the increased level of public participation

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Neil Davies, C.Eng., MICE, P.E.
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Michael Houlihan, P.E.
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Relevant Geosyntec Capabilities

Coal Combustion Residuals and By-Products Services


  • Ash landfill design and permitting
  • FGD waste reuse and disposal
  • Coal ash dike and dam geotechnical inspections, monitoring, and rehabilitation
  • Ash pond closure design
  • Structural reliability assessment of existing dams and CCB pond embankments
  • Groundwater monitoring, assessment, and remediation of heavy metals


Water & Wastewater Services


  • Steam electric effluent limitation guidelines (ELG) strategies
  • Water footprinting/waste stream characterization
  • Wastewater management/optimization


Air Quality Services


  • Air quality permitting and compliance
  • Air pollution control technology services
  • Emission measurement services


Closure/Decommissioning and Site Restoration Services


  • CCB disposal facility closure and reuse
  • Plant/unit demolition, decommissioning, and site restoration


Lead Consultants

Geosyntec Consultants
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