As a new employee, every day, every task, every project, will present the opportunity for growth. In the beginning, this may feel a bit overwhelming, but as you settle in, you will find that you have come to embrace the challenges that each new opportunity brings. To help you find your way, we offer a variety of mechanisms to expand your personal and professional horizons.


We encourage each employee to find a mentor, an individual in the firm with whom he or she connects on a personal level. A mentor can be someone to chat with about technical matters, provide insight into the firm's culture and values, explain the business side of our operations, discuss career development and planning or achieving work/life balance. Each mentor/protégé relationship is different and one's mentoring needs may change over time.

People at Work

Geosyntec's Practice Area Groups

Each Practice Area maintains its own internal email list and web portal, creating a community within a community. These forums provide access to our senior-most professionals, allowing us to leverage our technical excellence and leadership in our core practice areas. Each Practice Area routinely presents "brown-bag" webinars to help further our capabilities and foster teamwork. Additionally, each Practice Area typically holds an annual conference to which key staff representing all levels of experience are invited to attend. These meetings typically include technical presentations, poster sessions, training sessions, and strategic planning functions, all designed to help you further your professional growth and relationships with peers and experts from throughout the firm.

People at Work

Training and Advancement Opportunities

We are committed to continuing our employees' development through a variety of training programs, including practice-based webinars and conferences and business skills training classes. We also actively support professional development through participation in professional associations and encourage our staff to publish their work and present their findings at industry conferences. Our benefits include a tuition reimbursement program for pre-approved job-related coursework, up to two paid professional organization memberships, and the opportunity to attend short courses, conferences, and workshops. And of course, your success is our success. We encourage all of our staff to continually develop their interests and skills. Advancement is based on an individual's own performance and initiative.

People at Work

Professional Registrations

Geosyntec strongly encourages the firm's engineers and scientists to obtain professional registrations and certifications in their respective disciplines. As an entry-level staff professional, you should expect to work under the supervision of a Geosyntec employee who will help guide your development towards professional registration or certification in your chosen discipline.