The management of stormwater contaminated with bioaccumulative and cancer-causing pollutants

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  • Practice Areas: Contaminated Sites
  • Event or Publication: Event
  • Title: The Emerging Contaminants Summit
  • All Authors: Eric Strecker
  • Geosyntec Authors: Eric Strecker
  • Citation: March 1-2, 2016 in Westminster, CO
  • Date: 2016
  • Location: Westminster, CO
  • Type: Presentation

The Emerging Contaminants Summit (March 1-2, 2016 in Westminster, CO) is a brand new conference dedicated to the latest developments in the detection, fate and transport, risk assessment, treatment and regulation of emerging contaminants.

The summit draws leaders and key stakeholders from academia, government, and regulators, as well as site owners, private consulting agencies and various other environmental professionals. The purpose is to discuss the mitigation of emerging contaminants across all environmental media, including surface water, groundwater, drinking water, wastewater, recycled water and soils. Geosyntec Consultants is proud to develop the Summit's technical program and to support the Summit as a Platinum Sponsor. We are pleased to share our discounted registration rate with our clients and colleagues.

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