Capturing Alternative Water Resources in Supplement Drinking Water Supply

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  • Practice Areas: Water and Natural Resources; Water Management
  • Event or Publication: Publication
  • Title: Journal of American Water Works Association
  • All Authors: Oppenheimer, Joan; Da Silva, Allegra; Yu, Zita L.T.; Hanna, Mark; Susilo, Ken
  • Geosyntec Authors: Yu, Zita L.T., Hanna, Mark Susilo, Ken
  • Citation: Issue Date: January 2017 Volume / Number: 109, Number 1 Page(s): 18-25
  • Date: 2017
  • Type: Publication (Journal)

Climate change and urbanization pressures in parts of the world characterized by water

scarcity have strained resources to the point that many water purveyors must operate within more of a closed urban water cycle by using alternative sources while continuing to protect public health.

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