It's Not Your Father's Hydro Anymore, The Emergence of Remediaiton Hydrogeology as a Subdicipline

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  • Practice Areas: Groundwater Assessment and Remediation
  • Event or Publication: Wisconsin Groundwater Association
  • Title: It's Not Your Father's Hydro Anymore, The Emergence of Remediaiton Hydrogeology as a Subdicipline
  • Geosyntec Authors: James Bannantine
  • Date: 2014
  • Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin
  • Type: Presentation

Classical hydrogeology was developed as a science to deal with large scale issues such as drinking water and petroleum reserves.

Hydrogeology classes teach flow concepts using simplified math for ease of learning, and many of the simplifying assumptions work well for large-scale applications.Remediation hydrogeologists typically deal with smaller scales, typically the size of a commercial or industrial development. As the size of the project decreases, so too the scale of hydrogeology decreases. With reduction in size, many of the simplifying assumptions taught in classical hydrogeology do not hold true. In addition, classical hydrogeology was only concerned with the ability to move the fluid itself (water, oil gas, etc). The remediation hydrogeologist must understand the behavior of solutes within the fluid (contaminant fate and transport), as well as the behavior of the fluid itself.Scientists and practitioners have been recently begun studying contaminant fate and transport along with fluid behavior at the project scale (low flow rates, fine grained soils), and a new understanding of remediation hydrogeology has evolved. In this presentation, Mr. Bannantine will discuss the evolution of remediation hydrogeology and introduce some of the new concepts that have evolved from study of remediation scale hydrogeology and contaminant fate and transport.

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