State of the PractISS: Review of Three Sediment In Situ Stabilization/Solidification (ISS) Applications.

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  • Practice Areas: Contaminated Sites Publications
  • Event or Publication: Battelle Contaminated Sediments Conference
  • Title: State of the PractISS: Review of Three Sediment In Situ Stabilization/Solidification (ISS) Applications.
  • All Authors: Christopher A. Robb, PE, Dogus Meric
  • Geosyntec Authors: Christopher A. Robb, PE, Dogus Meric
  • Date: January 11, 2017
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Type: Presentation

Background/Objectives: In situ Stabilization/Solidification (ISS) is a technology that is beginning to receive serious consideration for remediation of contaminated sediments.

Several sediment ISS pilot tests have been completed, and several other sediment ISS remediation efforts are presently at various stages of design.

For remediation design professionals and project stakeholders, where can you acquire a comprehensive overview of the significant challenges encountered, considerations needed for implementation in a subaqueous environment, and practical lessons learned to accelerate the design curve and avoid repeating the "mistakes of the past"?

This presentation will review the state of the ISS sediment remediation practice and provide the audience with a summary of useful lessons learned and an overview of key design considerations.

Approach/Activities: During the presentation three completed sediment ISS projects will be discussed:

  • Ashley River Superfund Site
  • EPRI Pilot Test– Springfield, MA Pilot Test
  • EPA Pilot Test – Gowanus Canal

We will provide a brief case study of each project, highlight similarities and differences, identify key design elements, identify construction techniques, and review conclusions of each project. We will also summarize known ongoing efforts to advance ISS as a viable sediment remediation technique.

Results/Lessons Learned: The data from each of the case studies highlighted above is available now. At the conclusion, we will summarize common lessons learned, provide guidance for key design considerations, and highlight additional data needs necessary to elevate sediment ISS to a mainstream sediment remediation tool.

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