Safety System Survivability Assessments and Audits

Geosyntec undertakes survivability assessments and audits to examine potential vulnerabilities within safety systems to emergency or major accident events.  We can inform our clients whether their safety systems will be able to perform under necessary conditions.

We specialize in identifying hazardous events and relating these to the requirements of each safety function; detailing each systems survivability requirements; assessing system performance when subject to each identified hazardous event; and specifying which systems are vulnerable and the likelihood of failure.

Geosyntec undertakes such assessments and audits to support clients in sectors including oil and gas, and security. For example, within the oil and gas sector, we consider the impact of an explosion event on the fire protection systems to assess whether they would remain available if there was a fire following the explosion event.  For active systems we assess the protection afforded to fire water pumps and the deluge pipework supports against the effect of a defined explosion overpressure.

Passive fire protection systems need to remain intact in an explosion event and as part of a condition assessment, so we assess their adhesion substrate for coating systems, and for removable systems, we assess the fixing arrangements. To support this work, we undertake hazard consequence assessments to accurately define the events and detailed response modeling using a variety of modeling tools, including finite element analysis (FEA).

We work closely with architects on the design of new buildings, ensuring that under blast loads, the structure will break down in the safest way possible. This involves using FEA and supporting hand calculations to demonstrate that specifications and design configurations proposed are acceptable under a number of possible hazardous scenarios.

Lead Consultants

  • Jenna Newcombe, CHMM
    Jenna Newcombe is a Senior Environmental Engineer based in Massachusetts with more than 20 years of experience in environmental management. She has advised some of the largest property owners in th ...
  • John Evans, Ph.D., CPhys, CEng
    John Evans is a Senior Principal Engineer based in Scotland with more than 25 years of experience focused primarily in the area of technical safety. John is Managing Director of MMI Engineering, a ...
  • Ian Herbert
    Ian Herbert is a Principal Engineer based in England with more than 30 years of professional experience in process safety including the identification of major accident hazards through risk assessm ...
  • Tim Jones, CEng
    Tim Jones is a Principal Engineer based in England with more than 10 years of experience in fire and explosion management for clients in the oil and gas, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries. ...
  • Chris Robinson, Ph.D., CEng, MIMechE
    Chris Robinson is a Principal Engineer based in England, with more than 23 years of professional experience focused on fluids systems engineering, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), gas dispersion ...
  • Andrew Nelson, CEng
    Andrew Nelson is a Senior Principal Engineer based in Australia with more than 20 years of experience in technical safety engineering and risk management. His practice is focused on hazardous indus ...
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