Geosyntec is built on innovation. Our founder and earliest employees developed the ground-breaking methods now commonly used to design geosynthetic liner systems.

In the years since, our innovations have included new methods and cultures for bioremediation of chlorinated solvents and other contaminants, in situ smoldering combustion to treat contaminants like PFAS, many developments in the treatment of vapor intrusion, information management advances like wall trackers for dams, development of a comprehensive stormwater database for the USEPA, and gravel-bed bioreactors to treat inorganic contaminants, to name a few.

Our Commitment

Professionals throughout the firm work to develop and commercialize leading-edge solutions.

This work creates a culture of innovation that enhances our project execution, recruiting, client service, practice evolution, financial success, and reputation.

We foster new ideas, test them, and bring them to market, often partnering with universities, researchers, and clients. We provide support our practitioners as they explore new ideas, find new uses for established technologies, and develop more efficient ways of serving our clients.

Through innovation, we find new ways to help clients meet aggressive carbon-neutral targets and make their businesses resilient to water shortages, sea-level rise, droughts, forest fires, and other severe weather events. We also help them address emerging contaminants, tightening regulatory regimes, economic pressures, and evolving stakeholder demands.

Our Programs

Our companywide Innovation Council encourages our people as they pursue innovative technologies and methods.

Though several interconnected programs, the Innovation Council supports projects from inception of new ideas through successfully marketed products and technologies:

  • Our University Collaboration Initiative builds bridges between clients, Geosyntec, and university partners to foster groundbreaking research and development projects.
  • Our Technology Advisory Council leads internal R&D, helping fund the development of new technologies, practices, and products.
  • Our Commercialization Advisory Panel provides entrepreneurial guidance and mentoring to help commercialize technologies and products and start new ventures.
  • Our University, Diversity, Outreach, and Engagement Initiative partners with academic institutions and student organizations to recruit diverse candidates and create strong teams that are well positioned to think in new ways and develop innovative solutions.

We are always looking for innovators to join our team. View job openings throughout Geosyntec.

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