Geosyntec provides the chemicals and petrochemicals manufacturing and refining industry with technical services for strategic management and resolution of complex environmental issues. We don't just apply a "standard, one-size-fits-all" solution; rather, we develop site-specific, focused, and often innovative approaches to environmental compliance management, site assessment/remediation, and property redevelopment.

Whether the site is an operating facility, a retained liability, or potential property transfer/redevelopment candidate, we develop creative, cost-effective programs that take advantage of the latest proven technologies and regulatory flexibility to meet the client's objectives and minimize long term risk. Our practitioners have significant experience in soil and groundwater remediation of chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, and oxygenates. For example, Geosyntec is an industry leader in remediating chlorinated solvent impacts to groundwater using advanced in situ bioremediation techniques developed by firm personnel. We also offer significant expertise in evaluation of the vapor intrusion pathway, a critical exposure pathway that recently has received heightened regulatory attention.

Geosyntec works regularly with the environmental regulations facing the industry. With our "hands-on" understanding of compliance issues, coupled with our technical expertise, we can optimize the flexibilities in state and federal regulations to expedite remediation or closure. For example, at a former chlor-alkali NPL site in West Virginia, we worked with our client to take advantage of the CAMU rule which led to regulatory approval for an on-site disposal facility. This approach allowed our client to save millions of dollars in off-site disposal costs. Our practitioners also design solutions that optimize redevelopment options, and we are often retained to address and manage complex challenges associated with multi party or high profile sites.


  • Site investigation and characterization
  • Remediation system installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Site management and regulatory strategies
  • LNAPL and DNAPL assessment and remediation
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Vapor intrusion pathway evaluation
  • Environmental site assessment for real estate transactions (due diligence)
  • Regulatory liaison
  • Litigation support
  • Natural resource damages (NRD) actions
  • RCRA corrective action
  • Environmental database/GIS management
  • Brownfields site redevelopment

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