Waterfront improvement projects require sustainable, surface, subsurface, and subaquatic environmental and engineering solutions. Geosyntec’s waterfront-focused practitioners comprehensively serve our clients in multiple technical practices areas.

Geosyntec’s waterfront practitioners work collaboratively with a variety of clients, including municipalities, ports, private developers, civil engineers, and landscape architects, to provide multidisciplinary, technically advanced, innovative, value-added service offerings and comprehensive best-value solutions for nearshore, upland, and in-water improvements projects for our waterfront clients.

We understand the strategic importance of urban development of waterfront communities and waterfront commerce and the intersection of the societal commitments required to reduce impacts in watersheds for flood control (riverine and stormwater), sea-level rise, resiliency requirements. Geosyntec works collaboratively with project stakeholders to understand their vision. We then integrate their vision and scope with engineering solutions that address environmental conditions, geotechnical challenges, permitting, and regulatory requirements.

Waterfront projects face a number of risks based on climate change and natural physical processes. Geosyntec understands the need to evaluate, design, and construct projects for risks that can increase project costs. We have experience reducing coastal zone risks through a variety of approaches, including:

  • structural interventions like seawalls and breakwaters that decrease shoreline erosion, wave damage, and flooding
  • natural or nature-based design features such as wetlands and slopes that attenuate waves and provide other ecosystem services

Because the emotional connection to water is strong for the public and stakeholders, waterfront projects present unique challenges. Geosyntec has years of experience with such challenges. We know how to accurately and effectively listen to concerns and communicate complex ideas to residents, lawmakers, and other stakeholders. Geosyntec proactively engages trust to build strong working relationships with stakeholders in order to successfully permit, design, and construct projects.

We routinely work on waterfront developments, remediation, and restoration projects. We understand the complexities of subsurface geological conditions in upland and in-water sediment (including groundwater management needs). Our experience includes developing foundational design requirements for nearshore buildings, designing seawalls and breakwaters, dredging and beneficially using dredged materials, filling nearshore areas, performing stormwater management designs, and developing wetland improvements designs.

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