Geosyntec partners with emergency managers, owners, and operators of dams and levees to assess consequences associated with flood hazards and evaluate mitigation measures aimed at reducing life, property, and economic loss.

As an integral part of the risk management process, our dedicated staff regularly conduct screening, qualitative, semi-quantitative, and quantitative analyses to evaluate both direct consequences (interaction with floodwater) and indirect consequences (unsafe conditions resulting from flooding) using industry best practices. Geosyntec uses a multidisciplinary approach with teams comprised of engineers, scientists, economists, and financial analysts.

Our team approaches consequences assessments by addressing key considerations, including population at risk, hazard characteristics, ability, timing, and effectiveness of warnings, community preparedness, evacuation processes, fatality rates, economic damages, and environmental losses.

Geosyntec provides the following comprehensive support consequences services:

  • LifeSim Modeling including Traffic Simulation
  • Risk Assessment (including FERC Part 12)
  • Direct and Indirect Life Loss Evaluation
  • Direct and Indirect Economic Damage Evaluation
  • Warning and Evacuation Planning
  • Consequence/Economic Review
  • Dams
  • Risk Reduction Alternative Analysis
  • Consequence Elicitation
  • Consequence Category Assessment
  • RCEM Empirical Evaluation
  • Sensitivity/Uncertainty Analysis
  • Structure Inventory Development
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