For over three decades, Geosyntec has been developing designs for CCR containment facilities and closure systems and we have led the design, permitting, and construction oversight for dozens of facilities under the requirements of the federal and state CCR Rules. We have also been helping our clients demonstrate compliance with the Rules and to estimate Asset Retirement Obligations that will result from the Rules. Our practitioners are also skilled at bringing units into compliance with the Rules.

Our CCR practitioners tackle technically challenging projects related to landfills, surface impoundments, and containment dams. New regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for CCR disposal and proposed regulations for effluent limitations from steam electric power generating units require new controls on CCR management and, in some cases, make it impractical for utilities to continue to operate some of their CCR landfills and surface impoundments. Geosyntec specializes in the design, permitting, and construction of closure systems for these types of facilities.

At Geosyntec, we are proud of our experience helping our clients address their concerns associated with CCR surface impoundments. Our experience spans design and permitting, through operational life requirements, to effective closure and site reclamation for the power industry and other sectors at their CCR ponds and includes:

  • impoundment inspections;
  • design of fly ash impoundment repairs;
  • slope stability analysis;
  • static liquefaction analysis;
  • design of landfills on top of fly ash ponds;
  • seepage studies;
  • dewatering and capping of CCR surface impoundments;
  • construction over closed or closing CCR surface impoundments; and
  • construction management and quality assurance

Geosyntec's applied research partnerships coupled with our industry experience have expanded the solutions that we can offer to our electric power generation clients. We have:

  • authored EPRI guidance documents on a multitude of engineering properties and processes related to CCRs,
  • performed phytocap closures of several large ash ponds for a southeast US utility,
  • conducted long term GCL chemical compatibility testing to receive a first-time approval from the state regulatory agency, and
  • designed and received state regulatory approval for a steep reinforced soil slope containment system for a CCR landfill vertical expansion.

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