Decarbonization pressures from governments, investors, and stakeholders push energy companies, manufacturers, and municipalities toward low carbon fuels and energy.

As the world navigates toward a renewable energy economy, organizations realize the advantages of cultivating sustainable practices. In addition to environmental benefits, there can also be economic advantages to embracing efficient systems. Our practitioners support organizations as they transition to renewable energy. Our services include:

  • Carbon Management and Reduction Strategy and Policy Support: An accurate measurement of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) across environments and scopes helps us develop effective and comprehensive energy transition plans for our clients. Read more »
  • Assessments of Carbon and Water: Clients rely on our environmental management teams to quantify and reduce carbon footprints, calculate consumption, determine energy transition targets, build compliance solutions, discern potential and actual environmental risks, and develop strategies to decrease energy and water utilization. We specialize in Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG inventories, life cycle assessments (LCA), and water and carbon management. Read more »
  • Renewable Fuels: Renewable fuels are an integral component of the global shift toward green energy. These green molecule energy sources can be natural gas derived from biomass or waste sources such as landfills, and hydrogen from low or zero carbon intensity sources. Read more »
  • Renewable Power: Our practitioners help clients conduct assessments to determine energy consumption, and feasibility studies give us information to implement renewable energy technologies. We offer services related to these green electron sources including geothermal, biomass, solar, and wind technologies, including planning, construction, and permitting. Read more »
  • Mitigation Emissions Reduction and Offsets: Geosyntec provides broad-based services in mitigation, carbon capture, sequestration, carbon storage, carbon offsets, and renewable credit programs. Read more »

With a long-established presence in solid and hazardous waste and renewable energy markets, Geosyntec's diverse network of experienced environmental scientists and technical specialists make us uniquely qualified to provide our clients with comprehensive energy transition services.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Energy Transition

We are dedicated, multidisciplinary researchers who understand global mandates, regulations, laws, and policies as well as voluntary drivers connected to energy transitions and the influence of renewable energy sources within the broader context of energy markets and infrastructure. We optimize our clients' carbon reduction strategies, policies, carbon sequestration planning and development, energy transition project development and project management, site investigation and brownfield remediation, construction and site permitting services, subcontractor management, policy and renewable energy assessments including data collection, review, and evaluation.

Because Geosyntec's global staff are technical experts in related areas including permitting, environmental planning and management, water supply and management, geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering, waste management, and other specialties, we are able to connect policy, strategy, and implementation for complete solutions.

Moreover, years of experience assisting clients with the complexities in specific markets such as dams, landfills, water supply and management, pharmaceutical facilities, food and beverage processing, fuels and natural gas production, and other key markets, gives our staff the experience to partner with clients as they develop innovative and best-value solutions together.

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