Sustainably developing and managing water at a site is a critical concern for the mining industry. To address this concern, we focus on finding best-value, fit-for-purpose solutions and carefully choose technologies to maximize production and safety.

Our mine services include the following:

  • Hydrology and geohydrology
  • GoldSim modeling
  • Mine Water treatment
  • Mine waste characterization and geochemistry
  • Water quality evaluation, analysis, and management plans
  • Environmental geochemistry
  • Biogeochemical models
  • Groundwater impacts evaluation and remediation
  • Groundwater, surface-water, and water-balance modeling
  • Mine Water management
  • Water sustainability reviews and predesign optimization studies
  • Compliance and permitting
  • Mine process design and water treatment
  • Innovative biological and physiochemical water treatment
  • In-house treatability testing
  • Groundwater quality evaluation and assessment
  • Watershed hydrology analysis
  • Stormwater and surface-water erosion control, conveyance, and diversion design
  • Flood and breach analysis
  • Inundation studies and hazard potential classification
  • Tailing delivery system design

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