Reimagining Water Solutions

Geosyntec has been solving complex environmental issues for more than 40 years. Clients turn to us for leading-edge solutions as well as quality delivery of traditional methods. We blend novel and current state-of-the-practice approaches to find and build solutions that last.

Innovative Minds to Address the Toughest Water Challenges

Water is a limited essential resource for industries and municipalities. Water scarcity, water quality degradation, high operational costs, stringent discharge regulations, and risk mitigation can all complicate treatment programs and systems.

Water Systems Built for How You Do Business

We do more than create and install systems that satisfy technical specifications and compliance requirements. Our practitioners team with clients in selecting, designing, and constructing water systems that align with your business, your objectives, and your future goals.

Seamless Integration of Projects to Bring New Technologies to Fruition

We provide comprehensive management of water treatment and reuse projects, from the first consultation to the system installation and the continuous support. We have experts in various fields who help clients design robust systems that tackle complex water challenges, last for a long time, and maximize the level of beneficial reuse.

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