October 4, 2013

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Geosyntec Staff and Clients Share Their Experiences, Studies at ACS Exposition

BOSTON, Ma. — Several Geosyntec professionals will be participating in the American Chemical Society's (ACS) Fall 2010 National Meeting & Exposition in Boston on August 22 - 26.

Mary de Flaun, PhD, Warren Brady, Brian L. Petty, PE, and Henry Kerfoot will present "Management of ORP and pH for In Situ Remediation of Arsenic in Groundwater." The group will discuss mechanisms of in situ arsenic sequestration. Through case studies, they will illustrate methods of modifying groundwater geochemistry for the remediation of dissolved arsenic.

Henry Kerfoot, Saverio Siciliano, Eric Smalstig, PE, and Geosyntec client Kevin Kondru, PE, from Orange County (California) Waste and Recycling, will present "Burning Earth: Evaluation of 750oC Temperatures in an Active Landslide." The group will describe a geochemical evaluation exploring the cause of red-hot temperatures and smoke/steam emissions from undeveloped land. The evaluation results revealed that the heat was from oxidation of sulfides due to simultaneous contact with air and water.

Warren Brady, Mary de Flaun, PhD, Jamie deLemos, PhD, Owen Cadwalader, Benjamin Bostick, PhD, of Columbia University, and Geosyntec client John Vidumsky of DuPont's Corporate Remediation Group, will conduct a poster presentation entitled "Episodic Hydrogeochemical Controls on Lead and Arsenic Mobility at a Former Fertilizer Manufacturing Facility, New Jersey." The group will discuss the results of a study evaluating the hydrologic controls on redox fluctuations and mineralogical transformations. In addition, they will share how these geochemical changes present a challenge for metals remedial design and implementation.