October 4, 2013

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Geosyntec Staff Share Stormwater Experience at CASQA Conference

LOS ANGELES — Several Geosyntec practitioners will share their stormwater expertise at the California Storm Water Quality Association (CASQA) Sixth Annual Conference in Rancho Mirage, Ca., on November 1 - 3, 2010. Their workshop and presentation topics range from low impact development (LID) to bacteria-related Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs). Geosyntec is a leader in stormwater management, applying the latest proven approaches and technologies to protect and improve water quality.

Practitioners, along with the titles of their workshops and presentations, are listed below. To view the program, click here. To automatically add a workshop to your calendar, simply click on the title.

November 1
Eric Strecker, PE, Aaron Poresky, and Lisa Austin, PE, "Determining the Feasibility of Implementing LID BMPs in Orange County."

November 2
Kim Williams, PE, CPSWQ, and Allen Gershenson of Kiewit West Infrastructure Co., "CGP Compliance on the Front Line, Case Studies from America's Fourth Largest Contractor."

Julie Stephenson, "Santa Monica Bay Beaches Bacteria TMDL Implementation for Jurisdictional Groups 5 and 6: Structural BMP Feasibility and Effectiveness Evaluation."

Peter Mangarella, PhD, PE, and Lester McKee of the San Francisco Estuary Institute, "A BMP Tool Box for Reducing PCBs and Hg in Municipal Stormwater."

Ken Susilo, PE, D.WRE, CPSWQ, and Wing Tam of the City of Los Angeles, "Bacteria TMDL Project Implementation: Key Experiences from the City of Los Angeles Westchester Stormwater BMP Project."

Judd Goodman, PE, "Quantifying Hydromodification Impacts and Developing Mitigation Using a Four Factor Approach."

Megan Patterson, "Santa Monica Bay Beaches Bacteria TMDL Implementation for Jurisdictional Groups 5 and 6: Dry Weather Source Characterization."

November 3
Peter Mangarella, PhD, PE, and Kelly Havens, "Solids and Particulate Dynamics in a Stormwater Detention Basin."

Eric Strecker, PE, Aaron Poresky, Lisa Austin, PE, and Richard Boon of the County of Orange, "A Framework for Effective and Feasible Implementation of LID and Hydromodification Controls in Orange County."