January 28, 2020

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Geosyntec Personnel Named in ENR Regionals' 2020 Top Young Professionals List

Jessica Yeager, P.E., LSP (Massachusetts); Brandon Klenzendorf, Ph.D., P.E., CPESC (Texas); Rachel Klinger, MPH, P.E. (Florida); Kaitlyn Rhonehouse, P.E. (North Carolina); Chris Wessel, P.E., QSD/QSP (California); and Kelly Havens, P.E. (California) were named in Engineering News-Record (ENR) Regionals' 2020 class of Top Young Professionals.

Jessica is included in ENR New England's 2020 class of Top Young Professionals. Brandon is named on the list for ENR Texas & Louisiana. Rachel and Kaitlyn are named on the list for ENR Southeast, and Chris and Kelly are named on the list for ENR California.

Jessica is a Senior Engineer based in Massachusetts with more than nine years of professional experience focused on environmental engineering and specializing in remedial design and implementation. She has designed remedial systems for high vacuum extraction, enhanced in-situ bioremediation (EISB), Liquid Boot® sub-slab vapor intrusion mitigation, air sparging, sub-slab depressurization, soil vapor extraction, groundwater pump and treat, dual-phase extraction, zero-valent iron injection, and chemical oxidation injection. Her clients have included a number of Fortune 100 companies.

Brandon is a Water Resources and Environmental Engineer based in Texas with nearly nine years of professional experience and an additional five years of research experience. Brandon's practice focuses on modeling and design of green infrastructure (GI) and stormwater management facilities to treat and infiltrate stormwater runoff for both water quality and flood mitigation purposes. His experience lies in conceptual design, planning, modeling, and quantifying the benefits of GI, particularly for retrofit situations.

Rachel is a Principal Engineer based in Florida with 15 years of experience in environmental engineering, involving consulting on numerous environmental projects. She has taken lead roles as project manager and engineer of record to facilitate the clean-up of several contaminated sites throughout Florida, including those impacted with chlorinated solvents, metals, pesticides, and petroleum products. Rachel's expertise lies within environmental site assessment, remedial action design, construction bid document preparation, construction management, multi-media sampling, and environmental health and safety plans.

Kaitlyn is a Senior Engineer based in North Carolina with more than 12 years of experience focused on the assessment and remediation of contaminated properties, property transaction environmental due diligence, compliance and permitting evaluations, valuation of environmental liability, brownfields negotiations and redevelopment, and vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation.

Chris is a Principal Engineer based in California with more than six years of experience in hydraulics, hydrology, computer modeling, and stormwater management. His practice focuses on municipal stormwater management and construction as well as airport-related environmental consulting. Chris has presented a variety of technical findings at multiple conferences, and he is a Qualified Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Developer and Practitioner.

Kelly is a Senior Engineer based in California with 13 years of experience applying her background in environmental engineering, water chemistry, and geochemistry to stormwater mitigation and water quality control. She provides management and technical support on projects involving urban, industrial, and construction-phase stormwater management, including stormwater best management practices, stormwater management planning, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit and stormwater requirements evaluation and compliance, water quality and source control studies, and groundwater remediation project support.

ENR Regionals' Top Young Professionals competition is an annual regional program honoring outstanding young construction and design professionals. In 2020, each ENR region highlights a group of individuals under the age of 40 who represent the industry's top rising leaders by giving back to their industries and communities.

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Learn more about Brandon: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandon-klenzendorf-26737962
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