February 3, 2021

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Brian Valleskey Selected to Join Winnebago Waterways Steering Team

Brian Valleskey, CFM, CLP, (Wisconsin) has been selected to join the Winnebago Waterways Steering Team as a member-at-large for 2021.

Brian Valleskey is a senior water resources specialist who works on natural resources projects for Geosyntec involving sediment and nutrient management. The diversity of these projects ranges from urban stream and shoreline stabilization to beneficial sediment reuse from dredge material. Brian works as part of a comprehensive nutrient management team focused on appropriately identifying point and non-point watershed-based actions to reduce surface water impacts. Beyond his understanding of stream dynamics and limnological sciences, Brian’s strength lies in his ability to translate the impacts of water quality issues to stakeholders from multiple perspectives. His work also includes numerical assessment of green infrastructure application and function. This analysis is essential to the accounting of implementation projects which make a difference in the watershed and realization of impactful surface water improvement.

The Steering Team is designed to bring together diverse stakeholders who work in a shared leadership setting to tackle issues facing the Winnebago Waterways. County representatives, area non-profits, and community members work together to set the strategic direction for recovery initiatives and to ensure progress towards restoration targets. The waterway encompasses a total planning area of over 1,200 mi2 tributary to Lake Michigan.

Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance is an independent nonprofit organization that identifies issues and advocates effective policies and actions that protect, restore, and sustain water resources in the Fox-Wolf River Basin.

More Information

About the Winnebago Waterways Steering Team: https://fwwa.org/lake-management-planning/wwp-steering-committee/
About the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance: https://fwwa.org/
For consultation regarding natural resources management, contact Brian Valleskey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Learn more about Brian: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-valleskey-2552b011/