May 8, 2021

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Geosyntec’s Commitment to Mental Health and Wellness Recognized by Shell DS SGW GCSC

Recently, the Shell DS SGW Global Contractors Safety Council (GCSC) collectively recognized Geosyntec’s Jamie deLemos as a Safety Champion. The Shell DS SGW GCSC consists of representatives from Shell and from each of the Global Environmental Services Strategy (GESS) consultants.

Shell’s DS SGW Global Contractor Safety Council said, “Congratulations and well done to Geosyntec for creating a culture and climate within your organization that supports and encourages such exemplary Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) behavior.”

During the pandemic, Jamie and many of her colleagues were feeling the weight of the compounded work and life stress related to lockdown measures. So, she proposed Geosyntec sponsor employee membership to the meditation and mindfulness app Headspace® to provide support for mental fitness, sleep, and other self-care practices. Working closely with Peter Zeeb, President & CEO, and Geosyntec’s Human Resources team including Director Jennifer Plauché Brown, Julia Klassen and Anick Elysee, Jamie led the Headspace® app launch for - our Geosyntec colleagues in early February 2021.

Jamie said, “This award is really about Geosyntec as a whole and our willingness as a firm to embrace a culture of wellness as we navigate these challenging times.”

Since implementation, the sponsorship of the app followed by successful roll-out to the company has helped to destigmatize discussions among Geosyntec colleagues about mental health and reminded colleagues of the ongoing challenges that COVID-19 has placed on our employees. The app has not only provided useful tools and resources, it has also encouraged colleagues to speak up and acknowledge stress and burnout in themselves and others, leading to increased communication and collaboration for the benefit of colleagues and clients.

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