May 19, 2022

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Geosyntec Staff Contribute to the 2022 Battelle Chlorinated Conference

Professionals from Geosyntec, will make a substantial technical contribution at the Battelle's Twelfth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, which will be held May 22 through 26 in Palm Springs, California at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

Geosyntec contributions include two as session chairs, a practitioner serving as short course instructor, 11 platform presentations and 14 poster presentations.

Geosyntec professionals will be at booth 108 to meet with attendees and answer questions about remediation of chlorinated and recalcitrant compounds.

Recognized as the signature forum for the environmental remediation industry, Battelle's Chlorinated Conferenced will explore innovations and technologies to address chlorinated and recalcitrant compounds in the environment. The conference is the premier gathering of environmental professionals researching and applying innovative technologies and approaches for characterization, monitoring, cleanup and management of complex sites contaminated with the most challenging classes of chemicals.

Geosyntec Participation

Session Chairs

Title: F3. PFAS Program Management in a Rapidly Changing Regulatory Environment
Session Chairs: Rula Anselmo Deeb (Geosyntec Consultants/USA) and Shalene Thomas (Wood)
Date: Tuesday, May 24

Title: D5. DNAPL Source Zone Remediation: Lessons Learned
Session Chairs: Andy Lowy (Provectus Environmental Products) and Heather Rectanus (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)
Date: Wednesday, May 25

Title: ITRC PFAS Training: Managing PFAS Contamination at Your Site
Instructors: Dora Chiang (Wood), Jason Conder (Geosyntec Consultants/USA), William DiGuiseppi (Jacobs), Sandra Goodrow (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection), Kristi Herzer (Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation), Charles Neslund (Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environment Testing, LLC), Patricia Reyes (Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council [ITRC]), KateEmma Schlosser (State of New Hampshire), and Shalene Thomas (Wood)
Date: Sunday, May 22

Platform Sessions

Tuesday, May 24 | 9:15 am - 12:35 pm

Title: D2. A Novel Approach to Volume Reduction and In Situ Aerobic Treatment of Landfill Leachate
Authors: R. Welch, H. Goldemund, and B.D. Jacobson
Presenter: Regan Welch (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: A3. Somersworth Superfund ZVl PRB: Over 20 Years of Performance Monitoring
Authors: A. Przepiora, S. O'Hara, S. Wadley, and S. Huda
Presenter: Shahen Huda (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: D3. Adaptative Site Management for a 115- Acre Chlorinated Solvent Plume with Two Separate Source Areas at Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Authors: A. Chrest, R.C. Daprato, M. Burcham, and J. Langenbach
Presenter: Rebecca Daprato (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: H2. Using Advanced Tools and Methods to Develop a Geochemical Model for Remedy Selection of Complex Mixtures of Chlorinated and Nitrated Hydrocarbons
Authors: S. Mancini, S. Kraus, J. Rayner, G. Wealthall, J. Henderson, E. Mack, and L. Ribeiro
Presenter: Silvia Mancini (Geosyntec Consultants/Canada)

Wednesday, May 25 | 8:00 am - 10:05 am

Title: D4. Use of Distributed Temperature Sensing Technologies in Evaluating Surface Water/Groundwater Interaction
Author: H. Tahon
Presenter: Heather Tahon (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: G5. Use of Surfactants and Surfactant Enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation (S-ISCO) for NAPL Remediation at the Kaergaard Plantation Megasite
Authors: L. MacKinnon, F. Solano, N.D. Durant, L.R. Bennedsen, M. Christopherson, T.H. Jørgensen, B. Germundsson, J. Muff, J.F. Christensen, and I. Holm Olesen
Presenter: Felipe Solano (Geosyntec Consultants/Canada)

Title: H3. High-Resolution Redox Monitoring to Evaluate and Optimize the Remediation of Redox- Sensitive Solutes in Dynamic Hydrogeologic Environments
Authors: C.D. Wallace and M.R. Soltanian
Presenter: Corey Wallace (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: I4. In Situ Reduction of 1,2,3-Trichloropropane in Groundwater: Advancements and Case Studies
Authors: M. Asher, S. Varadhan, E. Suchomel, L. Kane, and S. Dworatzek
Presenter: Melissa Asher (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Thursday, May 26 | 8:00 am - 10:05 am

Title: B7. Direct-Push Jet Injection for Enhanced Treatment of Chloropicrin in Low- Permeability Soils
Authors: C. Martin, R.E. Scott, C.M. Greene, and C.M. Ross
Presenter: Chris Martin (Geosyntec Consultants/ USA)

Title: A7. Horizontal Groundwater Control Wells for Large-Scale Remediation beneath CCR Ponds and Impoundments
Authors: K. Carlton and D. Richardson
Presenter: Kyle Carlton (Geosyntec Consultants/ USA)

Title: D8. Treatability Study for Sequestration of Uranium Using Fish Bone Derived Hydroxyapatite at the Nuclear Metals, Inc. Superfund Site
Authors: K.M. Belli, D. Adilman, C. Martin, J. Gillow, L. Nielsen Lammers, B. Thompson, N. Hunt, and A. Hoffmann
Presenter: Keaton Belli (Geosyntec Consultants/ USA)

Poster Presentations

Group 1
Display: Sunday 6:00 pm - Tuesday 1:00 pm
Presentations: Monday 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Title: 25. Sulfidated ZVI: The Latest Development of ISCR from Laboratory to Field
Authors: D. Fan, J. Wang, N. Durant, P. Tratnyek, G. Lowry, and H. Feng
Presenter: Dimin Fan (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: 95. Dynamic Interactions between Sorption and Biodegradation: Implications for Long- Term Performance of Activated Carbon- Based Technology for In Situ Groundwater Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents
Authors: D. Fan, J. Wang, J. Pignatello, and B. Kjellerup
Presenter: Dimin Fan (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: 104. Sulfidated Zerovalent Iron: An Innovative ISCR Technology for Discrete Source Remediation
Authors: A. Danko, D. Fan, H. Rectanus, N. Durant, P. Tratnyek, and R. Johnson
Presenter: Dimin Fan (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: 52. Closure in California is Achievable: Successful Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater and Soil via Combined Technologies of ISCO and SVE
Authors: T. Etter, B. McDaniel, A. Simons, S. Rowlands, B. Marvin, and P. Brookner
Presenter: Andy Simons (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: 60. In Situ Remediation of Chlorinated VOCs Using an Innovative Ozone Sparging Approach
Authors: T. Carlson and H. Cox
Presenter: Trevor Carlson (Geosyntec Consultants/Canada)

Title: 88. Change Management to Address ISCO Implementation Challenges: High Water Table, Low Permeability, and Adjacent Storm Sewers
Authors: C. Sayler and B. Marvin
Presenter: Bruce Marvin (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: 114. Mass Discharge and Cleanup Timeframe Estimates at Complex DNAPL Sites Using Upscaled Modeling of DNAPL Dissolution
Authors: L. Stewart, M. Widdowson, J. Chambon, R. Deeb, M. Kavanaugh, and J. Nyman
Presenter: Julie Chambon (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: 137. How Carbon and Chlorine Isotopes Combine Forces to Elucidate a Natural Attenuation Investigation
Authors: N. Durant, H.V. Rectanus, D. Fan, P.M. Stang, E. Rosen, and M. Pound
Presenter: Heather Rectanus (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: 219. Conventional Bioremediation and In Situ Chemical Oxidation Pilot Tests in an
Unconventional Setting
Authors: J.D. Spading, R. Daprato, M. Burcham, T.N. Creamer, and P. Chang
Presenter: Rebecca Daprato (Geosyntec/USA)

Title: 355. Ex Situ Remedial Innovation for Abatement of White Phosphorus-Impacted Soils
Authors: A. Kenwell, C. Shores, and B. Hodge
Presenter: Amy Kenwell (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Group 2
Display: Wednesday 7:00 am - Thursday 1:00 pm
Presentations: Wednesday 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Title: 130. Collaborative Development of Conceptual Remediation Portfolios for an Abandoned Uranium Mill Site
Authors: P. Lemke, B. Looney, and M. Kautsky
Presenter: Peter Lemke (Geosyntec Consultants/ USA)

Title: 202. Soil Vapor Extraction beneath an Occupied Building at an Active Military Installation
Authors: C. Martin, J.D. Spalding, J. Knight, T.N. Creamer, and P. Chang
Presenter: Chris Martin (Geosyntec Consultants/ USA)

Title: 211. Stakeholder Lessons and Response Actions for Vapor Intrusion in a Large Active Military Manufacturing Building
Authors: T.N. Creamer, J.D. Spalding, P. Chang, J. Knight, and R. Daprato
Presenter: Todd Creamer (Geosyntec Consultants/USA)

Title: 360. The First Implementation of a Combined ERH and MPE Remedy at a Fractured Bedrock Site in Scotland, UK
Authors: A. Morgan and G. Wealthall
Presenter: Andrew Morgan (Geosyntec Consultants/United Kingdom)

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