February 20, 2023

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Geosyntec Expands Client Services for Offshore Geosciences with Acquisition of Geoscience Earth and Marine Services

Geosyntec is pleased to announce that Geoscience and Marine Services (GEMS), a marine geology, archaeology, and geotechnical engineering consultancy based in Houston, Texas, is joining the Geosyntec family of companies.

With 16 technical specialists, GEMS brings the skills of its people to interpret marine geomorphologic, archaeologic, geophysical, and geotechnical data to deliver integrated seafloor models for use by its clients in the offshore oil and gas and offshore wind industries. GEMS personnel plan and implement offshore surveying, geohazard identification and mitigation, engineering, and permitting projects.

Peter Zeeb, Ph.D., P.G., President and CEO of Geosyntec characterized the acquisition as follows: "With GEMS as our partner, we offer truly integrated offshore geoscience, geohazard, and geotechnical engineering services. Together, our people have decades of experience identifying geohazards for offshore well sites, wind towers, pipelines, and submarine power cables, and performing engineering evaluations and design for offshore foundations. Our services support projects from exploration to decommissioning.

Daniel Lanier, President of GEMS said, "Together, GEMS and Geosyntec will be a formidable team. As long-time collaborators, we will continue to deliver integrated service offering to help clients on complex offshore projects and find timely, cost-effective, and innovative solutions to support their energy projects."

The addition of GEMS will allow Geosyntec to assist oil, gas, and offshore wind clients by providing the geoscience and engineering expertise they need to successfully complete their projects, many of which contribute to the transition to renewable energy. With the ongoing support of its investment partner Blackstone, Geosyntec is committed to growing its capacity to support global efforts to achieve energy transition.

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