EHS Operational Risk Management (ORM) is the practice of identifying and assessing environmental and safety-related risks and designing and implementing programs to manage these risks to acceptable levels. Effective ORM is a critical practice for any organization striving for Operational Excellence. At Geosyntec, ORM is a multi-disciplinary practice that couples our expertise in risk management with our strong technical and regulatory capabilities. Examples of Geosyntec's ORM services include the following:


Compliance Assurance

More than just basic compliance, compliance assurance means that programs are in place to assure that compliance continues despite changes in operations which may affect the applicability of current regulations and changes in the regulations themselves.

Documentation of Legal and Other Requirements (LOR)

The documentation of LOR is not only a requirement of management system conformation but is also a basic element of regulatory compliance. Geosyntec helps our clients identify and determine the applicability of federal, state, and local regulations; as well as contractual and court-assigned obligations that pertain to their operations.


Audit Support

Geosyntec helps our clients develop effective audit and assessment programs; participates in audits and assessments as part of the client team; and provides independent audits and assessment of client operations.

Competence Assurance

Ensuring that employees are competent is a requirement for both regulatory compliance and business success. Geosyntec helps organizations define what levels of competence are necessary for their EHS operations, assesses their operations in terms of these levels, and develops appropriate training and monitoring programs to achieve this competence. Our competence assurance program is used to define operational needs, assess current conditions, and for organizational succession planning.

Incident Investigations and Causal Analyses

Unintended events within an organization (e.g., a process safety event, an air emission event, an environmental release, or a product quality deviation) are rarely if ever the result of any single cause; rather, they are the result of multiple factors. Often, these are human factors that are contributing to these events. Geosyntec organizations develop programs to identify these multiple factors and assess the resulting data to find evidence of trends that may contribute to future events. We then work with our clients to make data-driven decisions about how to mitigate these factors.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (HIRA)

Our team of industry experts works with clients to facilitate, conduct, and validate our clients' HIRA processes. We work with our clients to identify facility hazards and rank associated risks through standard techniques, including "what-if" studies, and process hazard analysis (PHA).


Leadership Coaching and Training

Our consultants help leaders formulate and articulate their ORM vision and develop evergreen plans designed to drive these goals to fruition.

Process Documentation and Implementation

Organizations often have processes in place that are either not documented or poorly documented. Geosyntec works with our clients to document processes and to provide training on the changes. Our process involves working with subject matter experts to determine the desired process, document the current practices, and close the gaps between documentation and implementation.

Management System Development

The design and implementation of a management system should never be the end goal; rather, management systems should be considered a tool that helps the organization achieve its performance objectives. At Geosyntec, we believe that management systems should be appropriate to the size and scope of the operations and designed to enable continual performance improvements.

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