Alex Bond, FIMechE, CEng, FS Eng

Alex Bond is a Principal Engineer based in England with more than 28 years of experience delivering technical and management consultancy projects for clients worldwide.

His experience coverers a wide range of technical subjects and industry sectors, allowing him to bring cross-sector expertise to projects. His main experience is associated with high-risk industries, including the oil, gas, and nuclear and fossil power generation sectors.

Alex's impact assessment studies and damage prediction studies for dropped objects use both analytical and computational methods. This was subsequently developed, through a detailed understanding of equipment degradation mechanisms, into an expertise in forensic engineering, fitness for service and remnant life consultancy, serving as an expert witness in a number of cases and providing due diligence advice during acquisitions. Drawing on his knowledge of the range of non-destructive inspection techniques, he has experience developing and managing inspection plans and shutdown and turnaround interventions in oil and gas facilities and power stations. Underpinning all aspects of Alex's experience is his extensive use of computational analysis tools, such as finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and explosion analysis software FLACS.

As well as his technical knowledge, Alex has experience in the field of management consultancy, providing services for developing integrated safety and asset and operational management systems. Much of this work draws on his knowledge of engineering design and project management to provide pragmatic solutions to client issues, taking account of regulatory, safety, and economic imperatives.

Alex is the lead author of the international certification standard DNV-RP-G103 for the application of non-intrusive inspection. He has provided training in the use of risk-based methodologies, including risk-based inspection and maintenance, and safety studies including hazards and operability (HAZOP) to national safety regulators and operators throughout the world.

He maintains close links with academia through his role on the Advisory Board to Oxford Brookes University's Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, and is a past chairman of the Institution of Mechanical Engineer's Thamesway Region, and continues to operate as the Regional Education Officer. 

Contact Alex Bond at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +44-117-960-2212.

Career Summary: Alex Bond, FIMechE, CEng, FS Eng

  • Education: BSc (Hons), Mechanical Engineering, 1987; MSc Engineering Business Management, 1998; FS Eng TűV ID 2592/10; IOSH Managing Safety Certificate 2010
  • Practice Areas: Structural and Fluid Engineering, Facility Hazards
  • Disciplines: Risk Assessment, Risk Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Business Management
  • Specialties: Technical Due Diligence; Forensic Fitness for Service and Fracture Mechanics; Safety Management and Consequence Analysis; Pressure and Lifting Systems; Design and Analysis; Functional Safety (SIL, LOPA)
  • Registration: CEng, 1992; Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (FIMechE)
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