John Gallinatti, CHG

John Gallinatti is a Senior Principal Hydrogeologist based in California with more than 25 years of experience focused on quantitative hydrogeology, including groundwater modeling, environmental fate of dissolved organic compounds, well-field design, aquifer testing and analysis, hydrogeologic field investigations, development of conceptual hydrogeologic models, and the design of advanced groundwater remediation systems.

In his role as a technical lead on modeling studies or expert consultant for quantitative analysis of aquifer systems, John develops modeling strategies that balance the competing needs of certainty/reliability, transparency to third-party reviewers, and financial/schedule constraints. Whether developing a new model from scratch, adapting models developed by others, or suggesting a quantitative alternative to modeling, it is in finding this balance between competing project needs, unique to each client and project, that John's technical skills and professional experience have been of greatest value to his clients.

By applying both his strong understanding of fundamental hydraulic analysis and his broad experience in specific practical applications, John is capable of designing and implementing modeling studies and quantitative analyses that are focused and well-tailored to the needs of his clients and their multidisciplinary project teams. John has also developed conceptual hydrogeologic models to evaluate the groundwater regimes beneath a number of landfills in California, Arizona, and Washington to assist landfill owners and operators in designing appropriate detection monitoring programs and landfill expansions.

Contact John Gallinatti at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1-510-836-3034.

Career Summary: John Gallinatti, CHG

  • Specialties: Quantitative Hydrogeologic Analysis; Well Field Design; Aquifer Testing; Subsurface Characterization; Remediation Design and Evaluation
  • Practice Areas: Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup, Water and Natural Resources
  • Disciplines: Hydrogeology
  • Education: M.S., Geology, University of Washington, 1984; B.S., Geology, Stanford University, 1979
  • Registration: Certified Hydrogeologist, California, No. 365, 1996; Professional Geologist, California, No. 4187, 1986; Certified Engineering Geologist, California, No. 1335, 1987; Registered Professional Geologist, Arizona, No. 24796, 1990

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