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Michael Lodato, P.G.

Michael Lodato is a Principal Geologist based in Florida with more than 25 years of experience focused on the field of hydrogeology, site assessment, and remediation using innovative technologies.

Specializing in the evaluation of industrial wastewater and contamination assessment and the remedial design of sites impacted with chlorinated solvents, metals, pesticides, and petroleum products, Mike has spent his career developing cost effective environmental solutions for public and private clients throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States.

As a consultant, Mike has conducted hydrogeologic and geochemical investigations for numerous commercial and governmental clients, including power companies, the phosphate mining and processing industry, wood treating and former manufactured gas plants, electronics manufacturers, chemical refineries, food processing and manufacturing facilities, and the petroleum industry. Mike's experience in hydrogeology spans a broad range of project types, including industrial wastewater permitting, water resources development and management, geostatistical modeling of contaminant distribution, and karst and sinkhole investigations.

He is the project manager on numerous projects for CSX Transportation and was an important part of the Geosyntec team recognized by the client as its consulting group of the year in 2007. For the past decade, he has been Geosyntec's program manager for the Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Program in Florida. In this role, he collaborates with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to develop and implement innovative and cost saving assessment and remedial technologies to the program.

Contact Michael Lodato at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1-813-558-0990.

Career Summary: Michael Lodato, P.G.

  • Specialties: Site Investigation and Remediation; Groundwater Assessment and Remediation
  • Practice Areas: Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup
  • Disciplines: Chemistry, Hydrogeology
  • Education: M.S., Hydrogeology, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, 1988; B.S. Geology, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, 1985
  • Registration: Florida Professional Geologist, 1351

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