Philip Reidy, P.E.

Phil Reidy is a Principal Water and Natural Resources Engineer based in Kuala Lumpur with over 25 years of experience focused on geotechnical and stormwater management. He has specialized experience and is an industry leader in the design, construction, and technology development of innovative rainwater harvesting and stormwater management systems.

As a consultant, Phil directs the development of integrated harvesting and stormwater management system strategies and all aspects of system design. Such integrated systems are seen as a key feature of site stormwater control and water conservation for green or sustainable commercial, institutional, and public entity development and rehabilitation projects. He is an authority on implementing active controls to enable harvesting systems to perform stormwater control functions as well as water conservation, obviating the need for separate site infrastructure. His expertise includes cistern sizing optimization modeling, subsurface conditions evaluation, drainage and collection system design, stormwater detention and infiltration system design, and the specification of pump works, system controls logic, filtration, and treatment systems.

Focusing primarily on the design and construction of commercial-scale rain and site water harvesting systems, Phil has designed and built over 100 such systems and pioneered the use of modular plastic vault systems as cistern storage. He co-authored a patent application for Advanced Harvesting Controller logic that holds promise for dramatically re-shaping the stormwater and natural resources protection industries.

To advance the state of the practice, Phil has given over a dozen invited presentations on harvesting and stormwater management systems around the country and is the author of three papers on the topic. He is also often called upon to conduct workshops on harvesting, on-site use, and its efficacy in different climatological environments and its application for stormwater control.

Contact Phil Reidy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +011-60-37-665-3081.

Career Summary: Philip Reidy, P.E.

  • Education: M.S., Civil Engineering/Geotechnical, Northeastern University, 1986; B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Massachusetts, 1983
  • Practice Areas: Water and Natural Resources
  • Disciplines: Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering
  • Specialties: Watershed and Stormwater Management; Water and Natural Resources Conservation and Restoration
  • Registration: Registered Professional Engineer, Massachusetts, 35885

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