Environmental Liability Valuation (ELV) focuses on evaluating the financial relevance of environmental liabilities and opportunities by applying fundamental engineering and scientific analysis within a specific financial, legal and risk management framework.

The technical analysis, consulting support and expert testimony of our practitioners provide a better understanding of cost certainty and liability valuations, potentially reducing both the size and share of cost allocations related to insurance transactions, risk transfer, financial report, and portfolio management.

Building upon our renowned expertise in environmental remediation, geotechnical, water resources, and infrastructure risk engineering, Geosyntec provides public and private sector clients with defensible valuation of environmental liability to support business decisions, such as those pertaining to insurance transactions, risk transfer, financial reporting, and portfolio management.

When ELV matters to the bottom line, corporate management and legal counsel seek out Geosyntec to provide technical analysis, consulting support, and expert testimony. They know that Geosyntec offers a unique set of qualifications to apply fundamental environmental engineering and scientific analyses within a financial, legal, and risk management framework inherent to key business decisions, negotiations, and disputes. This provides our clients greater cost certainty and more usable valuations.

For example, Geosyntec:

  • Focuses on complex environmental liability portfolios. We provided concurrent evaluation of environmental liabilities at more than 1,000 sites in 48 states and international locations with alleged environmental liabilities in the billions of dollars.
  • Focuses on environmental risk management. We provided the technical basis for a greater than $30 million insurance recovery to a clients' bottom line in less than 18 months from project inception.
  • Offers unique environmental costing tools. We have developed and employed costing techniques and models specific to the intricacies of environmental valuations.
  • Provides expert support. Our experts have consulted and opined on approaches, magnitudes, and appropriateness of environmental costs for more than 10,000 sites worldwide, representing billions of dollars of alleged environmental liabilities.