For decades, global chemical control and downstream product regulations, bans, restrictions, and reporting obligations have proliferated, creating major challenges for multinational corporations (MNCs).

As global regulations proliferate, they too often become barriers to innovation, as well as a material source of enterprise risk. Product and supply-chain compliance and stewardship can have large repercussions when mishandled or left unaddressed, and many MNCs simply do not have the resources to manage these matters alone.

MNC clients trust Geosyntec’s Global Product Stewardship specialists to help them bring their products to market safely and in compliance with applicable regulations and supply chain requirements. Our experts in toxicology, environmental science, risk assessment, regulatory affairs, industrial hygiene, and chemistry empower these clients to bring to market innovative chemicals and products. We also support them as they understand and mitigate the hazards and risks of existing products.

In many cases, our work can become a source of competitive advantage for our clients, increasing a product’s speed to market or maintaining market access. With global M&A specialists on the Geosyntec team, we review raw materials, products, and global supply-chain compliance and risk in the contexts of pre-close due diligence and post-close risk mitigation.

Because many of our product safety experts have worked in global industry, we bring a deep knowledge of best practices, as well as nuanced scientific and regulatory understanding, helping ensure chemicals and products are safe and sustainable from raw-material sourcing and manufacturing through use and disposal. In a time when regulations regarding product and chemical safety are in flux, we provide clients with strategies rooted in sound science.

Global Product Stewardship Specialties

  • Upstream support to R&D
  • Hazard evaluation using quantitative structure activity relationships (QSAR), public domain sources, or good laboratory practices (GLP) testing at contract laboratories
  • Pesticide registration and enforcement support
  • TSCA inventory listing and reporting expertise, Pre-Manufacturing Notices
  • Targeted site and supply chain compliance auditing/gap analysis
  • Custom global product stewardship training and knowledge transfer
  • Compliance with United Nations Globally Harmonized System (GHS); REACH; EU Classification, Labeling and Packaging (CLP) of Substances and Mixtures, as well as review and management of safety data sheets and product labeling
  • Chemical product hazard and risk assessment
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