Product manufacturers, marketers, and clients are challenged with significant investments of time and money when developing and launching pesticidal products. Critical decisions on marketing, efficacy claims and pesticidal mode of action determine regulatory registration track, required testing programs, and the ultimate path to market.

Geosyntec has broad experience in the regulation and registration of all classes of pesticide products (conventional pesticides, biopesticides, and antimicrobials) and provides science-based, business-focused support to guide clients through decision making, product positioning, and ultimately registration and market introduction.

Geosyntec's Pesticide Product Services supports clients with insightful, innovative solutions.

Geosyntec's team of toxicologists, risk assessors, regulatory specialists, and chemists have extensive experience and knowledge of pesticide testing, submission, and label requirements under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). We know how to position projects for efficient registration review and processing, and how to avoid misinterpreted guidance, labels, and efficacy claims that can add months to review timeframes and can significantly increase costs.

We can assist with navigating all areas of FIFRA including:

  • Preparing a product/pesticide registration strategy
  • Meeting with and advocating on behalf of companies with regulators
  • Developing and submitting FIFRA registration packages, renewals, and label updates
  • Product label content development
  • Preparing inert ingredient petitions
  • Developing data waivers and rationales
  • Scoping, placing, and monitoring product toxicity, physical characteristic, and efficacy studies
  • Responding to regulator requests
  • Pesticide device strategy, claims, data, and regulatory tracking
  • State-level registrations

Geosyntec and our wholly-owned SiREM lab manage data generation for new product registrations and amending existing products, particularly for antimicrobial products. Geosyntec and SiREM provide in-depth analytical consulting support covering toxicology studies and antimicrobial efficacy testing. SiREM provides Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standard antimicrobial testing (i.e., bacteria and virus) to support required testing and methods under FIFRA. The Geosyntec and SiREM team allows for expert level review and strategy development of testing programs, as well as expedited access to efficacy testing, which can save months in registration timelines.

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