Geosyntec provides indoor air quality assessment services to aid building owners, employers, and government agencies as they identify, diagnose, and mitigate causes of occupant health complaints associated with the built environment.

Our practitioners conduct assessments using the sound scientific principles and practices of industrial hygiene and toxicology. Our certified industrial hygienists and toxicologists work alongside our construction services professionals to develop project-specific solutions that deliver the desired end results for the client.

We consult with clients on a wide range of human health, exposure, and causation matters ranging from combustion products to Legionnaires' disease and mold.

Geosyntec practitioners specialize in solving complex challenges of industrial hygiene that affect workplace operations, staff comfort and productivity, or occupant health. Addressing such challenges involves the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of known and emerging hazards in the workplace and the community.

Our in-house toxicologists begin by assessing building occupant exposures to indoor air chemical pollutants to determine if there are risks associated with measured or calculated exposures. With reliable, high-quality data in hand, our clients can then make evidence-based decisions when implementing engineering controls, deploying remediation measures, or relocating occupants.

Geosyntec also provides specialized services applicable to product and materials evaluation. We are able to measure gaseous or particulate emissions from building materials, consumer products, and office equipment. Adhesives, paints, wallboard, insulation, plastics, or combustion appliances can potentially impact the indoor environment and the health of facility occupants.

With our extensive experience in communicating complex, and sometimes disconcerting, findings to employees and community members, we can provide risk communication support to clients. Our senior professionals strive to calmly and confidently speak with the public on complex matters that can potentially impact health while maintaining a sense of transparency and professionalism.

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