The microbial world is critical for life on earth, providing many benefits to humankind. Yet it can also cause great suffering and economic damage. Geosyntec is committed to applying its scientific and engineering acumen to help our clients navigate challenges posed by harmful microorganisms.

As a recent example, the global pandemic affected all aspects of our communities and businesses. Geosyntec’s experts supported universities, senior- and child-care facilities, governments, manufacturers, food processors, and retail clients. These same clients will be at risk as new pathogens emerge.

The poultry and dairy industries face similar economically devastating challenges from highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses, which could also carry serious human health risks from cross-species transmission.

To quickly and appropriately respond to new pathogens and variants, our experts offer profound experience to address environmental health threats such as COVID-19 and its variants, anthrax (Bacillus anthracis), Legionnaires’ disease (Legionella pneumophila), mold, and other pathogens. Additionally, we also support agricultural industries, offering surveillance for early pathogen detection, sanitation technologies, and engineering controls to mitigate losses to flocks and herds and their products such as eggs, milk, and meat.

No matter the pathogen, clients turn to us to help reduce economic disruption, protect their employees and assets, and support efforts to combat many types of pathogens. We offer a wide range of services to help clients effectively respond to pathogens.


Through our specialty environmental laboratory, SiREM, we offer an array of analytical testing to support effective pathogen responses. Our services include testing control, mitigation, and decontamination/disinfection methods and processes. We also offer molecular genetic testing to detect the presence, spread, and persistence of pathogens and antimicrobial efficacy testing, among many other services. SiREM offers quick and state-of-the-art testing from our laboratories in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Guelph, Ontario. As a consulting laboratory, our results are backed by our professional staff who are available to help our clients understand their results and make science-based decisions.


Our validation approach to disinfection programs includes tailored sampling and testing to understand efficacy and to address any post-treatment positive results to build trust that facilities are adequately sanitized.


Strong pathogen-related health and safety planning can include disinfection, HVAC assessments and performance optimization, programmatic support, quarantining and distancing, community outreach, and training. With our support, businesses and organizations can return to healthy operations while following methods set by the CDC, OSHA, the USEPA, and other agencies worldwide.


Monitoring wastewater data can give early warnings of outbreaks and pinpoint them so clients can take quick action, often before the first symptoms are detected. We provide these services for agricultural clients whose facilities generate wastewater containing animal manure, as well as for university, municipal, senior-care, and healthcare clients whose wastewater systems treat human sewerage.


Our environmental professionals include microbiologists, chemists, regulatory professionals, and industrial hygienists who can offer guidance, minimize liability, and serve as testifying experts.

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