Manufacturers and distributors of consumer and industrial products face compliance and stewardship challenges over the lifetime of their products, from conception to the shelf—and beyond

Though businesses may employ entire departments of scientists to develop products, they often cannot devote similar expertise to registration, regulation, and understanding repercussions of changing guidelines. Geosyntec’s scientists help clients target chemicals in their products, understand possible safety risks to humans or the environment, and assess their efficacy.  From antimicrobial and pesticide applications to new chemical development and registration – we have you covered.

Our regulatory experts help clients deftly maneuver the registration process and diagnose issues that may need to be addressed. How a product is registered and positioned—as well as specifying the correct end users—can make all the difference in properly registering products and avoiding litigation and recalls.

Our support continues when products hit shelves. Compliance monitoring, keeping abreast of regulatory changes, and tracking the stewardship programs of major supply chain partners—as well as understanding how these issues affect consumer sentiment—are all crucial. In a time of great fluidity, nimble responses to stakeholder requests for information are vital.  We understand and routinely interact with retailer information portals and corporate Environment, Social and Governance reporting tools. In the case that our clients face compliance challenges, we are there, with a defensible record of work and comprehensive support.

Our product safety and compliance (PSC) team includes toxicologists, risk assessors, regulatory specialists, industrial hygienists, and chemists, experts in all phases of product compliance, stewardship, development, and management.

Product Safety and Compliance Specialties

  • Product Safety and Stewardship: Delivering safe and effective products to market is a critical business goal for chemical, consumer, and industrial product manufacturers. Geosyntec partners with clients to provide a science-driven, business-focused approach to product safety and stewardship. Learn more »
  • Chemical Management Programs: Clients are faced with chemical risks throughout their business products, facilities, and supply chains. Increased regulations at global, regional, and national levels; combined with an expanding list of chemicals of concern; requires companies to demonstrate compliance to regulators while also addressing consumer and stakeholder expectations. Learn more »
  • Pesticide Product Services: Product manufacturers, marketers, and clients are challenged with significant investments of time and money when developing and launching pesticidal products. Learn more »

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