Since the early 1990s, Geosyntec has provided earthquake engineering services for a wide range of critical projects around the world. Today, Geosyntec continues to advance the state of the practice in earthquake engineering.

Our expertise applies to a host of project types, such as dams, levees, solid and hazardous waste landfills and Superfund sites, pipelines, transportation infrastructure, vertical construction, nuclear power plants, lifelines, and more. Geosyntec's project services encompass geologic and geotechnical engineering investigations, development of seismic design criteria, evaluation of regional and site seismicity, site response and seismic deformation analyses, soil liquefaction analyses, evaluation of seismic performance; designs to withstand seismic loading (including dams and appurtenant structures, and foundations for buildings, bridges, and other structures), site reconnaissance following earthquakes, and ground vibration assessments.

A hallmark of Geosyntec is our ability to plan and execute geologic and geotechnical investigation programs to cost-effectively meet the specific needs of a project, often times under the intense scrutiny of regulatory agencies and using rigorous QA/QC procedures. Through the years, we have developed proven methods proven to economically obtain soil, rock, concrete, and other material properties for use in seismic analyses.

Our field investigations have ranged from relatively simple geologic reconnaissance to obtaining in-situ dynamic properties of soils using state-of-the-art techniques. We work closely with advanced laboratories at the Arizona State University and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, for performing sophisticated testing to obtain the input data needed for our seismic analyses and designs.

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