Geosyntec provides a wide range of specialized services in the areas of water resources, water supply development, and water conservation. Our practitioners develop and enhance sustainable water resources while balancing the benefits between population centers and water-dependent ecosystems. The holistic approach our practitioners provide regarding the design and implementation of effective and sustainable solutions identifies and addresses known and unknown issues related to surface water and groundwater supplies.

Geosyntec's industry-leading scientists, engineers, and permitting specialists provide clients with integrated solutions that balance water supply development and ecological health. We offer our clients a complete understanding of their specific water cycle, allowing them to optimize their system performance and make informed decisions.

The challenges associated with water supply development differ greatly between regions. Through our holistic approach and diverse group of practitioners, we meet various needs, ranging from municipalities and water utilities to private companies that require a water supply for industrial uses or to provide bottled drinking water. To address these many different needs and challenges, our practitioners offer a wide array of services designed for water supply development including initial source analyses, water quality evaluation, water rights investigations, permitting and design of treatment and conveyance systems, and construction management. Examples of these diverse services include:

Source Analyses

Our practitioners provide detailed source assessments for both surface water and groundwater by identify potential issues regarding water rights, water quality, and reliability. We perform robust alternatives analyses that present clients with a comprehensive understanding of the potential impacts associated with diversions from a surface water body, extraction from a groundwater aquifer, and the interaction of groundwater and surface water.

Stormwater Management

Geosyntec's engineers and scientists recognize stormwater as a resource that can be a key component of an effective water management strategy for many different types of political, fiscal, and climate change scenarios. To assist urban planners and other clients capitalize on this resource, we offer a highly specialized combination of disciplines within the framework of integrated water resources. Our water supply engineers, water quality specialists, hydraulic engineers, floodplain managers, hydrogeologists, and rainwater harvesting specialists frequently provide clients progressive solutions that address multiple challenges associated with stormwater management.

Stream Flow Analyses

Geosyntec's professionals apply multidisciplinary analyses to develop an understanding of the trade offs between riparian condition and stream flow diversion for water supply and hydropower development.  Our water resource engineers work closely with our in-house geomorphologists and specialists in wetland and fishery management to provide clients with a thorough understanding of potential influences of diversion strategies on ecosystem performance.

Computational Modeling

We apply both public domain and proprietary surface and groundwater models to generate informative data that allow clients to consider potential impacts of water supply development on an area or to optimize the operation of existing water supply systems.

Water Rights and Use Permitting

Geosyntec regularly consults with clients in the preparation of water rights and permits for submittal to multiple government agencies for review and approval. Preparing permits ahead of their submission and review often involves the application of multidisciplinary analyses that identify strategic opportunities for clients to expedite approvals and achieve significant cost savings.

Production Well, Diversion, and Conveyance System Design

Geosyntec engineers engage with clients to develop a complete understanding of their needs and regulatory requirements related to consistent water delivery for their communities or industrial purposes. With this knowledge, we frequently design production wells, diversion facilities, piping systems, and instrumentation networks that exceed expectations and allow clients to meet water supply needs.

Reliability Improvement and Performance Optimization

Many of Geosyntec's clients have water supply systems and infrastructure that are aging and show signs of decreasing performance. We work closely with such clients, using tools ranging from geophysical analysis of their conveyance systems to optimization modeling of their well fields and diversion facilities, to ensure water supply systems operate at maximum efficiency.

Water Conservation

We assist public and private entities to improve their understanding of their specific water cycle, allowing them to improve system performance, manage water demand, and improve overall water use efficiency, often allowing for significant, long-term savings in operational costs.

Geosyntec maintains in-house capabilities to support most aspects of water resources and water supply development, including watershed analysis; design of large-scale aquifer tests; groundwater and surface water modeling; production well design; surface water monitoring network design; geochemical assessment and modeling; geophysical and seismic testing and analysis; wetlands and stressed vegetation analysis; and water supply system monitoring and optimization. We also provide construction management and monitoring services that ensure client systems are built as designed and perform effectively.

Advancing the State of the Practice

As leaders in the industry, we installed and currently maintain one of the first solar-powered satellite telemetry monitoring networks for providing real-time data access on water-level trends from production wells located in remote regions of Florida.  Geosyntec also performs innovative seismic assessments to evaluate the vulnerability of water infrastructure to fault movement in California and our innovative use of stable isotope tracers to delineate movement of groundwater within watersheds is becoming widely accepted within the regulatory community.

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