With more than 30 years of service, our professionals have been involved in more than 1,000 solid waste management projects for private clients as well as municipalities, local and state governments, regional authorities, and national governmental agencies.

The range of professional services provided by Geosyntec includes:

  • Solid waste minimization, diversion, and recycling studies
  • Waste flow analysis (collection and hauling), composition, and generation studies
  • Strategic planning and transactional advice
  • Financial modeling, due diligence, and cost/benefit analyses for solid waste facilities
  • Optimization of financial and operations management
  • Design, permitting, construction, repair/maintenance, and decommissioning/closure of transfer stations, materials recovery facilities (MRFs), composting facilities, and landfills.

Unique among our peer firms, Geosyntec provides both technical professionals and financial advisory specialists who offer a wealth of experience evaluating solid waste systems and infrastructure assets under a variety of project delivery and contracting mechanisms. Our private and public clients are increasingly driven to improve performance, secure value for money, achieve required returns, and optimize use of assets. To assist their understanding of market drivers and operational issues, our advisory specialists translate technical and commercial issues into financial analyses, valuations, and support for financial models, with clear recommendations made without bias or allegiance to any vendor, service, or product. Geosyntec's exceptional advisory capabilities are made possible by our practice leaders’ unique understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the technical aspects and the financial performance of solid waste projects. The technical and financial expertise of our practitioners allows Geosyntec to be a trusted advisory resource for counties, municipalities, states, and solid waste authorities.

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